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OATLY oatmeal milk goes to the countryside to paint the wall! Netizen: brushed a lonely!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop OATLY is no stranger to coffee lovers. Oatmeal lattes of many domestic coffee chains are made from this brand of oatmeal milk. In addition to the well-known oatmeal milk, OATLY launched in Paris, France

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The brand OATLY is no stranger to coffee lovers. Oatmeal lattes of many domestic coffee chains are made from this brand of oatmeal milk. In addition to the well-known oatmeal milk, OATLY's street ads in Paris, France have also successfully attracted a wave of consumer attention.

Last November, OATLY shared three short films on Instagram documenting outdoor graffiti advertisements placed by brands on the streets of Paris, France, all of which cleverly combined OATLY brands and representative products with street graffiti art without violating French advertising law.

OATLY's brand design itself has graffiti elements, and the advertising effect presented by the integration of French street graffiti is novel and unique, which is loved by young consumers, so the brand also wants to recreate graffiti art in China, but this time OATLY chose not the streets of bustling cities, but the red brick walls at the entrance of rural villages.

According to a recent advertising video released by OALTY, the theme of "painting the Wall at the entrance of the Village" is related to the upcoming Spring Festival, featuring a man who advises young people in the city to go home and have a look. Graffiti on the wall combines the Internet hot stem with warm-hearted language to persuade people to go home, spraying on the blank walls of the countryside to form a heart-wandering landscape.

The superposition of popular graffiti art, chic advertising creativity and current hot themes makes this short film hold the softest piece in the hearts of city travelers. Netizens who watched the short ad said they were moved and "went home" in an instant.

As far as advertising marketing is concerned, OATLY's new ads do fit the Chinese market and really poke consumers' hearts. Some netizens think, "this is no better than the big screen in the city?" "it is better to paint a wall in the village than to buy a big screen in the city!" . The advertising effect of the unique red brick walls and warm-hearted online language in the countryside is very popular with young people. According to netizens jokingly, OATLY has successfully become a substitute for parents this time.

However, some netizens think that the wall painting advertisement of OATLY this time is unclear. For example, before graffiti advertisements were chosen on the streets of Paris, France, and the flow of people can also attract the attention of passers-by, but this time the location of the wall is not on the walls beside the main roads, but in the countryside where there is not much flow of people. I think that the radiation area of advertising is not as wide as before.

Secondly, these wall-painting advertisements are aimed at people, if they stay in their hometown, they may not be able to read because of their low level of education, or they may not be able to understand the network hot Terrier used in the advertising language. If it is aimed at the wanderers in the city, let young people be moved after watching it, buy more oatmeal milk when buying New year goods, it does not mean no, it just makes people feel too circuitous.

In addition, some netizens said, "migrant workers from the countryside are generally more economical, and they don't understand that the nutritional value is not as high as milk, but they sell more expensive. Oatly prices really can't move this group of consumers."I like every copy very much, but it doesn't have much to do with the product (personal feeling)."

It can only be said that OATLY's advertising short film at least makes many people who do not want to go home want to go home, and whether their own oatmeal milk can be sold through this marketing can only be seen in terms of market sales.

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