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The difference between piccolo coffee and latte, how to make piccolo coffee? What is the ratio of concentrate to milk?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, Italian-style coffee is a very large coffee system, milk and coffee alone on the different ratio scheme, they distinguish latte coffee, cappuccino coffee, Australian white coffee and so on. And among them there is such a coffee, it and Australian white like hair in Australia, but in the domestic coffee menu is not common, it is

Espresso is a very large coffee system. According to the different proportion of milk and coffee, we can distinguish latte, cappuccino, Australian white coffee and so on. Among them, there is a kind of coffee, which originated in Australia as well as Australia White, but it is not common on the domestic coffee menu. It is "Piccolo Latte".

Piccolo coffee is translated from "Piccolo Latte". "Piccolo" means "piccolo" in English, while it means "small" in Italian, so piccolo is also called "mini latte" or "mini latte". If you just think of Piccolo as a mini latte, you underestimate the gold content of "Piccolo Latte".

Piccolo Coffee from behind the scenes to the stage?

Piccolo was not originally created to face the market, but was used by baristas (/ bakers) to test coffee beans or adjust daily concentrated extraction parameters. In general, when debugging a type of beans, you need to taste the flavor of espresso respectively, and whether it is coordinated with milk coffee. If it is made according to the normal specifications every time, it is easy to consume too much caffeine and get drunk, and it will be wasted because you can't finish it. (after all, debugging often does not meet the production requirements once or twice.)

So they used a shunt handle to split one concentrated liquid into two portions, one to taste directly, and the other to taste a small latte.

After that, some coffee shop owners made small lattes in this way in order to get their regular customers to taste the new coffee beans, in order to test market feedback and demand. Over time, this little latte (piccolo) officially appeared on the menu of the cafe.

The advantage of "Piccolo Coffee" is that it can spend less money and taste a cup of latte in a shorter time, which is not only in line with the foreign coffee culture of drinking and leaving quickly, but also does not have to worry about the feeling of fullness caused by too many cups, so it is quickly popular in the city and popular.

Where is Piccolo "short"?

According to the traditional method of making piccolo coffee, it is made by using a 3-ounce (90ml) glass, a single espresso (20g/30ml) and 60ml milk foam. Lattes are usually about 180~250ml cups, while Piccolo is only about 90ml. Although the cup size of piccolo is smaller than that of latte, making a good cup of piccolo is very important to the basic skills of baristas.

The first difficulty is to turn 60ml's milk into foam. Because of the small amount of milk, baristas pay close attention to the technology of making milk foam. Some unskilled baristas will choose to add more milk to make it easier to foam, while others will choose to replace a smaller milk tank. This is followed by the fusion of concentrate and milk foam and flower drawing, because the amount of the cup is too small, to achieve uniform fusion and flower drawing, it also tests the level of baristas.

After Piccolo faced the market, in order to make Piccolo have more distinctive characteristics in taste, some coffee shops tried to change a single portion of Espresso into Ristretto (simply understood as only the Espresso in the front and middle section), and replaced the blended beans with individual coffee beans; the containers holding coffee were also changed from transparent glasses to various exquisite small cups.

Why are piccolo cups so expensive when they are so small?

The advantage of Piccolo coffee lies not only in its small cup quantity, but also in the taste of coffee beans, that is, it can not only highlight the flavor of coffee, but also feel the sweet taste of milk. Some coffee beans need to be paired with a certain amount of milk to show their full charm, so some cafes will make piccolo coffee for a certain type of coffee beans.

From the point of view of the use of raw materials, although the amount of concentrated and milk is reduced, espresso as the base also needs to be extracted by a coffee powder. Even if the shunt handle is used to divide the shot into two parts, the other shot can only be "internally digested" in the case of a small amount of the cup. If you use the handle of a single powder bowl, you need to adjust the special extraction parameters, which seems to outweigh the gain.

As mentioned earlier, the production of piccolo coffee is more concerned with the baristas' skills of milking and flower drawing. They often dare to put piccolo coffee on their own shelves to independent cafes on the menu, and have their own requirements for the quality and stability of coffee products. usually, the price of this kind of coffee shop is not too low (after all, eating by craftsmanship), and there is no separate pricing of milk drinks such as piccolo, latte, Australia and white.


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