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What's bulletproof coffee? The role and efficacy of bulletproof coffee, what harm does it have? How should it be made?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Once upon a time, there was a coffee that caused a huge wave in Hollywood! It claims to be able to get more refreshing effect than regular coffee in a short time, long-term drinking can also reduce fat, to achieve the effect of weight loss, so everyone rushed to drink, was once praised by people on the altar, it is-"bulletproof coffee"!

Once upon a time, there was a coffee that made a huge stir in Hollywood! It claims to be able to get more refreshing effects than conventional coffee in a short period of time, and long-term drinking can also reduce fat and achieve the effect of losing weight, so people scramble to drink it, and it was once exalted by people to the altar, and it is "bulletproof coffee"!

What is bulletproof coffee? Poor sacks (etc.), the bulletproof of this bulletproof coffee does not come from the name of a group you know, nor does it mean bulletproof. It is called "bulletproof" because its inventors think it can provide an effect similar to "bulletproof vest", protecting not bullets, but "weight"! If you have a friend, you will ask: how to prevent it?

This is about to talk about the materials used to make bulletproof coffee: black coffee, salt-free grass feeding butter, MCT! Salt-free grass feeding butter: the butter is made from grass-fed cattle and has the effect of burning fat; the abbreviation of MCT:Medium Chain Triglycerides, translated as medium-chain triglyceride, is a digestible fat through the extraction of natural coconut oil! After being ingested and metabolized, people can produce a large number of ketone bodies, which refers to the cognitive power of the brain secreted by people when they are hungry, which enables the body to lack sugars and carbohydrates. Fat-consuming substances come from the line to fill some hunger! It can be seen that the materials used in this cup of coffee can cause people to suppress their desire for sugar and other carbon water to "fill" fatty substances after drinking. During this period, the body will remain on an empty stomach without food intake, and fat will be consumed continuously, thus achieving the effect of reducing fat.

According to Dave Asprey, the founder of bulletproof coffee, the reason why he invented bulletproof coffee is inspired by our Xizang! The thing is this: when Xizang was on a trip, he drank a cup of buttered tea with butter and immediately felt energetic and full. So, after returning home, he used the inspiration from Xizang butter tea to develop bulletproof coffee!

So, how should bulletproof coffee be made? It's very simple. We only need to prepare an espresso, hot water, butter and coconut oil. Coconut oil is used because coconut oil is easier to get than MCT. Then the front street will demonstrate how this bulletproof coffee should be made. We first extract an espresso (20g coffee powder is used here in front street, extract 40ml concentrate in 30 seconds), then add 200ml hot water to make American (or any black coffee), then add 15g butter and a spoonful of coconut oil (about 10ml), put them in a blender and stir them well.

The feeling of drinking is not as greasy as imagined. On the contrary, it adds the fragrance of coconut and the mellow feeling of butter to the original flavor of coffee.

Does bulletproof coffee really protect against weight? It is reasonable that bulletproof coffee can indeed achieve the effect of reducing fat as it describes! However, what works is not coffee, but the two oils used in the material, even if coffee is replaced with tea, it can still reduce fat, so we know that the essence of drinking bulletproof coffee is to drink oil!

But, Qianjie does not advise you to try it easily, because bulletproof coffee requires a reasonable diet, if you have been eating foods that are high in sugar and calories, and plan to use bulletproof to eliminate fat, it will only have the opposite effect, because it is a high-calorie drink! Moreover, the drinking of these two oils can easily cause a series of negative reactions to some friends with bad intestines and stomach. So, for the sake of your health, please be careful.


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