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Lucky persimmon Dafu is complained that it doesn't live up to its name!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop New year is approaching, various chain coffee brands are busy with online promotional activities to catch up with the holiday traffic on the eve of the Spring Festival to drive the sales of new products. For example, Ruixing recently worked with Maotai for the second time to launch the year of the Dragon Sauce Chocolate, but it is a pity that it is the second time.

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As the New year approaches, various coffee chains are busy with online promotions to catch up with festive traffic on the eve of the Spring Festival to drive sales of new products. For example, Lucky recently partnered with Maotai for the second time to launch Maotai-scented chocolate in the year of the Dragon, but unfortunately, the second cooperation failed to reproduce the rush-buying phenomenon when "Maotai latte" was launched.

Ruixing was not discouraged, and then launched the surrounding area of the endorsement star to attract star fans to buy, and quickly put on the new "New year Red Dragon Latte" co-signed with Han Merrill Lynch and the dessert "Persimmon Dafu".

Many Ruimen believers are looking forward to Ruixing's cooperation with Han Merrill Lynch again. as soon as the new products are launched, they clock in one after another, similar to last year. Rui Lucky and Han Merrill Lynch jointly received numerous praise for the Spring Festival. However, recently, some netizens complained on social platforms that Lucky's new dessert persimmon Dafu was involved in false propaganda.

The cause is that netizens brushed the group-buying promotion of Ruixing Persimmon Dafu on other platforms, because the persimmon Dafu in the picture is very large, and the cream wrapped in it is full of persimmon jam, which looks very attractive, so they place an order to buy it. But the persimmon Dafu actually received is completely inconsistent with the group-buying promotional video, small in size, with only a faint flavor of persimmon in the cream package.

With this netizen, who was also tricked into placing an order by a beautiful promotional map linked by group buying, "who would have thought that there was such a big gap with the real thing?" or (lucky) will play the sentence that specific and physical objects prevail "," Lucky's desserts will be fooled every time. Dangdang is different. My IQ has been humiliated. "it was a day when Lucky successfully cheated me."

In view of this matter, some netizens think that Rui Xing should not take the blame for this. Netizens revealed that in order to link up more people to buy coupons and earn their own commission, this kind of group-buying bloggers will press other people's pictures and videos on other products. Ruixing's persimmon Dafu group purchase should have met this kind of marketing bloggers, whose exaggerated publicity led to some consumers' misperception of the product.

"these are people who sell coupons for bloggers. They are basically just scraping shots, and the main attack is to do whatever it takes for commission."now don't believe what bloggers take, don't cheat again and again", "those marketing bloggers are messing around. They are taking persimmon from other brands." even some people think that the responsibility of this matter lies in trusting video bloggers and buying netizens who place orders. You can't blame Rui Xing.

However, some netizens think that Ruixing is not completely innocent, and that such group-buying publicity should be specially audited. "it really has something to do with Ruixing. These bloggers are all edited by cloud, businesses provide materials, people can edit and release, earn editing fees and cps."Ruixing will eventually be responsible for reviewing these advertisements, and if they don't pass, they won't send them at all."

No matter whether these promotional videos are released by personal behavior or by Lucky, the use of pictures other than this product in the promotional video is false publicity in itself, and it is not stopped so as to mislead consumers. Consumers will naturally get bad reviews after getting the real thing, which is not a good thing for Lucky's brand operation.

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