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Expose! Starbucks filtered water, straws cost money!

Published: 2024-07-14 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, a Malaysian netizen posted on the social platform that "Starbucks filtered water & straws need to be charged." According to the pictures posted by the netizen, Starbucks has launched its latest environmental protection policy,"Small actions, green environment protection, please join us."

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Recently, a Malaysian netizen posted a post on the social platform that "Starbucks filters water & straws are going to charge".

According to the picture posted by the netizen, Starbucks launched the latest environmental protection policy, "small action, green environmental protection, please join us to bring our own cups and reduce the use of disposable cups."

It also specifically mentioned that "from 2024, the provision of filtered water by Starbucks will be charged at the cost of RM1, and additional fees will be required for biodegradable straws and reusable straws, and calls on everyone to actively participate in this environmental protection initiative". Soon after this post was sent, it attracted heated discussions and complaints from netizens at home and abroad.

In the face of this measure of Starbucks, many netizens said in the comment area that it was too outrageous. "Starbucks keeps saying that it is environmentally friendly, but in fact it has passed on the cost of environmental protection to consumers." and if you choose to eat in a restaurant, you should not use disposable cups. Secondly, some netizens pointed out how much tap water can be drunk. Usually you just have to gargle when you drink coffee. When you spend it in the store, the price of the goods is so high that you have to charge for a small cup of tap water. "Don't be too stingy."

In this regard, some consumers think that "there is no one to scold the water charge for tea, and Starbucks is just too used to it." although some consumers think that it is unreasonable for Starbucks to charge for filtering water, it is also a measure taken by Starbucks to encourage consumers to reduce the use of disposable and plastic straws. Therefore, it is reasonable for Starbucks to take measures to increase water filtration charges.

A Starbucks partner complained that he would not accept it as a consumer, but as an employee, I can accept it too much. I often encounter behaviors such as a whole day of people asking for water, carrying away a bag of public paper towels put outside, and a large family coming in and occupying seats without spending money.

On the other hand, the same Starbucks partner said that there are really too many people who take advantage of small advantages in the stores, so they still support charging for water. In addition, although Starbucks' measures may not be friendly to some consumers, they do have positive significance in the long run.

First of all, these measures help to reduce the use of disposable products, thereby reducing environmental pollution. Around the world, a large amount of plastic waste is discarded every year, causing serious damage to the ecological environment of the earth. By encouraging consumers to bring their own cups and reduce the use of plastic straws, Starbucks is actually contributing to the environment.

However, the implementation of these measures also requires balanced consideration. For consumers, it may also cause resentment if Starbucks charges too much for filtered water and straws, and if they are too tough or inhumane in implementing these measures. And the interests and feelings of consumers need to be fully considered in the whole process of implementation of the measures. Only by balancing the interests of all parties can we truly achieve the goal of sustainable development and long-term profit.

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