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Another blizzard! Is it doomed to be manipulated by the damn weather when you open a shop?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop wore short sleeves for air conditioning the day before yesterday. Today, the outside world has changed. Pedestrians on the street turn out the down jackets worn during the Spring Festival and put on them again. Office workers who get up early complain about "the weather of frozen dumplings again" while running quickly in hiding from the cold wind.

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Wearing short sleeves and blowing air conditioning the day before yesterday, the outside world has changed today. Pedestrians on the street turn out and put on the down jackets they wore during the Spring Festival. Office workers who get up early complain about "the weather of frozen dumplings again." while hiding from the cold wind, he quickly ran into the warm office building.

It is also because of this sudden change of weather that there are fewer passers-by, and the business of small coffee shops that mainly rely on restaurant income is naturally deserted, and some coffee shops may only produce a cup of coffee drunk by the owner himself at the end of the day. The dismal restaurant income makes many independent shops switch to the takeout platform, using the takeout revenue to maintain the normal operation of the store.

For consumers who do not want to go out when the weather is cold, takeout is undoubtedly the best solution to meet their caffeine needs without having to go to the coffee shop in the cold wind, so after the sudden drop in temperature, many coffee shop owners said that although the number of customers in the store decreased a lot, takeout orders increased a lot.

However, some coffee shop owners said that the weather can be cold, but not so cold as to snow. The only reason is that the business of cafes in snowy days is likely to become more deserted. A coffee shop owner in Beijing complained that his small coffee shop had no income when it was snowing and had nothing to do but to open a live broadcast and chat with netizens to pass the working time.

The snow on the ground may make netizens who like to take pictures leave a sign-in photo of a romantic snow coffee, but the slippery road will discourage them from going out to a coffee shop. If the customer places an order through the takeout platform, there may be no delivery clerk to pick up the order because of the bad weather, so in order not to allow the hard-won takeout order to be refunded by the customer, the coffee shop owner who does not have a restaurant business has to go out and deliver a takeout to the financiers.

In addition to troublesome snowy days, rainy days are also a headache for many shopkeepers. Usually when it comes to rainy days, it is possible to dissuade consumers who want to place orders for takeout for reasons such as difficult delivery, higher distribution fees, and long delivery time, which also makes the business income of many small coffee shops not optimistic. on rainy days, people who guard the shop can only listen to Yupin coffee alone.

However, some shopkeepers believe that as long as it is not the torrential downpour that seriously affects travel, although there will be fewer diners in the shop, the demand for takeout from consumers who do not want to go out will increase, and the takeout situation of small coffee shops on rainy days will sometimes be much better than usual.

Although coffee shop owners have plans to increase the revenue of their stores under different conditions, they actually hope that their hard-working coffee shops will not be severely manipulated by the elusive weather and can have stable revenue in any weather. Without watching the sky to eat.

However, this is only a good idea, and the coffee shop owners know that the idea is hard to achieve, so they turn around and hang a sunny doll in the shop, praying for good weather every day, and pray that the cold winter of the coffee industry will pass soon. I don't have to worry about the business problems of the small shop.

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