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"Thai trousers are hot! This is an expression of love for coffee! "

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop watching movies when I was a child, when I saw a character with big flower arms tattooed, the first impression that "this person may be a villain" popped out in my mind. It was also because of the interpretation of characters with tattoos in film and television works that many people thought they had tattoos on their bodies.

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When I watched a movie when I was a child, when I saw a character with a big flower arm tattooed, the first impression came out of my mind that "this person may be a villain." it is also because of the interpretation of characters with tattoos in film and television works. it makes many people think that people with tattoos may be misbehaved, and tattoos are misunderstood and regarded as "scourges".

But for contemporary young people, tattoos are not a symbol of a bad child in the eyes of elders. Tattoos on the body that will accompany them for a long time can represent their own beliefs. It can also be their own commemoration of important events in life, an unchanging vow to a person.

A delicate and beautiful tattoo is not only a way to show your personality and self, but also a romantic expression of something of great significance. Therefore, many people will tattooed on their bodies with patterns of special significance, such as baristas standing behind the bar, will imprint their love of coffee on their bodies and make a contract with coffee.

Perhaps it is because of the lyrics that many baristas will choose coffee fruit as their tattoo pattern.

Baristas who love espresso may choose the extraction handle that best represents espresso as the tattoo theme, but the disassembled extraction handle may be mistaken for a pressure cooker if seen by people who don't know anything about coffee.

Among the tattoo themes related to coffee, the angular mocha pot is also the choice of many baristas.

Coffee utensils chosen by baristas as tattoos include beautiful Chemex, siphon pot, French presser, flower jar and so on.

In addition to these, there are also baristas who use their specialty flower patterns as their own tattoos, leaves, tulips and other common patterns on the coffee liquid surface tattooed on the body, delightful and special.

Baristas who like simple style will choose caffeine chemical formula as their tattoo pattern, which looks pretty cool.

However, for hipsters in pursuit of personality, these patterns may not be unique enough, so many baristas combine coffee fruits, extraction handles, flower patterns, chemical formulas and other coffee-related elements. Form a complex pattern of a unique coffee theme.

However, the more complex the pattern means the longer you have to endure the pain of tattoos. Baristas who are intolerant of pain and want to have tattoos might as well consider a simple pattern. A simple coffee bean is a good choice.

Seeing a variety of tattoos on baristas, some consumers may wonder, "is it true that baristas with more tattoos love coffee and make better coffee?"

In this regard, every coffee theme pattern tattooed on the skin can more or less represent the barista's love of coffee, but tattoos do not represent the ability of a barista, and some baristas who love coffee deeply are clean. No tattoos.

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