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An article will introduce you to the origin of espresso on the coffee shop menu! What is the difference in the origin of latte, cappuccino and Australia and white?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, Coffee shops always have a wealth of options on the menu. There are dozens of products with different names in the espresso queue alone, and many friends may have learned what a cup of coffee tastes like by drinking them. But most people still don't know much about their origin! So, Qianjie

Coffee shops always have a wealth of options on the menu. There are dozens of products with different names in the espresso queue alone, and many friends may have learned what a cup of coffee tastes like by drinking them. But most people still don't know much about their origin! So, what Qianjie wants to share today is how these espresso, which often appear on the menu, are born and how they are named.

Espresso "Espresso" espresso is the first espresso we know, because it is the base of all espresso! Without it, there is no way to make all the famous espresso such as latte, American style, Australian white and so on.

Espresso means fast in Italian. Before the 20th century, coffee was made for a long time. If you want to get a pick-me-up effect with a cup of coffee, you have to endure a long time to make it. Obviously, some friends can't stand it. So at the beginning of the 20th century, with the promotion of the industrial revolution in Europe, the Italian coffee machine was invented. At this moment, people experience for the first time that coffee, a drink, can be made so quickly. Of course, at that time, the accuracy of the coffee machine or the pressure used in extraction was far less than that of modern coffee machines, but at that time, it was comparable to cheetah. Therefore, people named this fast-made coffee as Espresso, which means "very fast". When the coffee machine was invented, espresso soon became popular, and cafes were set up all over Italy so that people could enjoy the delicacy of espresso.

American coffee "Americano" time came during World War II, American soldiers went to an Italian cafe to drink coffee. Unexpectedly, the concentrated flavor served by the cafe was so strong that it was completely different from the instant concentration they usually drank, which made it completely unacceptable to them.

As a result, they can only ask the cafe to pour the concentration into the water and dilute its concentration. Diluted coffee is loved by American soldiers, which is much better than instant coffee. Gradually, more and more American soldiers need concentrate and water, and cafes call this water-diluted concentrate "Americano" in order to make it easier for people to order.

Cappuccino "Cappuccino" cappuccino and latte are both espresso and milky coffee, but lattes are so famous that people often mistakenly think that they were born in the order of lattes and then cappuccinos. But the truth is, cappuccino was the one who was born first.

Cappuccino is a literal translation from the Italian word "Cappuccino", and "Cappuccino" means headscarf. When people first tried to add steamed milk to coffee, it was found that the color of the mixture was very similar to that of St. Francis's robes, and the milk bubbles stood up on the coffee like the headscarf of a robe. As a result, this cup of coffee with steamed milk is called "Cappuccino" after the name of the headscarf.

Latte "Latte" latte is the most popular milk coffee, not one of them. Latte means milk in Italian, because it adds a lot of milk, so people in Italy call this coffee with a lot of milk "Coffee Latte"! However, because people outside Italy want convenience, they call it "Latte" for short, and the name of latte has spread so far! But you know, if you go to an Italian cafe and want a latte and say "Latte", you will have a good chance of receiving a glass of milk.

At the beginning of Mocha "Mocha Cafe", Mocha refers to the Yemeni port city, the port of Mocha. For more than 300 years in the 17th century, the port of Mocha has acted as an important stronghold of coffee trade. Almost all coffee in the world is traded through the port of Mocha. In order to prove that it is a regular coffee bean issued by the port of Mocha, every bag of beans transported from here will be printed with the word "Mocha" to prove its origin! But gradually, as coffee began to be grown around the world, the port of Mocha gradually lost its dominance, and with the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the coffee beans produced by Mocha became scarce and people could no longer easily drink mocha coffee. So, in order to drink the delicious taste in memory again, people use chocolate to imitate the chocolate rhyme of mocha coffee, and mocha coffee is born.

Macchiato "Macchiato" means "imprint". Before the concept of boutique coffee was released, the taste of coffee was not as good as we know it now, which made many friends miserable after drinking it. Therefore, it is proposed to add a little milk to the coffee to neutralize its bitterness. But the intervention of a little milk has not changed much in appearance, and it is difficult for baristas to tell whether the cup of concentrated milk has been added or not. So, in order to prevent confusion, the barista covered the concentrated cup with a little milk and used the foam as a mark, hence the name Macchiato!

However, when the coffee is gradually refined, the taste of coffee is no longer "bitter throughout", and high-quality coffee covers the bitterness with "fragrant, sweet and strong". Therefore, gradually, people no longer need to add milk to the bitter taste, so Macchiato faded out of people's sight!

Caramel macchiato "Caramel Macchiato" many years later, a coffee called "caramel macchiato" appeared on the market! But it is not a derivative of Macchiato, but a brand new fancy coffee. On the basis of the latte, it is made of caramel, vanilla syrup and other materials. So we can see that it only takes the meaning of Macchiato, not the practice! After adding a lot of syrup, the whole cup of coffee is very sweet, so the moral becomes a "sweet brand" (caramel macchiato)!

Australian white "Flat white" Australians prefer a strong flavor of coffee, but traditional Italian coffee dilutes the concentration of coffee too much, obviously can not meet their "heavy mouth" demand. Therefore, they developed their own rich coffee products to satisfy themselves. Like "Long Black", which is often shared in Qianjie, is a rich version of American coffee. And "Australian White" (Flat white) is a rich version of milk coffee.

Although the traditional Italian style already has a rich milk coffee like cappuccino, for Australians, too thick milk foam is not the taste they want to touch. So, after increasing the concentration and flattening the milk foam, "Flat white" was born!

DirtyDirty can be said to be the only coffee product in this article that was born as an ice drink. It was made by Mr. Yoshiyuki Tanaka of Japan. According to Mr. Tanaka in his book, the main core of Dirty this cup of coffee is the combination of iced milk and hot concentrate. Ice milk has a very obvious high sweet feeling, combined with hot concentrated extremely mellow taste and strong coffee flavor. Although the contrast between the two is relatively large, but not abrupt!

When the frozen milk completely catches the hot concentrate, the espresso gradually falls like the tears of an angel. So Mr. Tanaka named it "Angle Stain" (tears of Angels), and when it spread to China, it gradually evolved into "Dirty" (dirty coffee)!

So the above are some of the more common espresso in the coffee shop menu! When we know and understand their origin, we will be able to feel their beauty better when we drink them.


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