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How much difference does the same bean, ear bag and hand punch have?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, With the popularity of coffee culture in China, more and more professionals choose to enjoy a cup of coffee before going to work to refresh themselves, which has become their daily drink, and many people are equipped with various production utensils at home. However, due to the relatively cumbersome process of making hand-brewed coffee, many people prefer to choose a more cost-effective one.

With the popularity of coffee culture in China, more and more workers choose to enjoy a cup of coffee before going to work to refresh themselves, which has become their daily drink, and many people are also equipped with a variety of making utensils at home. However, due to the relatively tedious process of making hand-brewed coffee, many people prefer to choose instant coffee with higher performance-to-price ratio as a daily pick-me-up.

Similarly, with the development of the coffee market, there are many coffee lovers who pursue good coffee and high quality. They like to try individual coffee beans from different producing areas and hope to taste high-quality coffee at home.

Recently, a customer who often made coffee at home came to the Qianjie store. after tasting a cup of hand-brewed coffee, he asked the barista of the store a question: will there be a big difference between grinding hand-made coffee and hanging-ear coffee?

So, next, Qianjie will take you to explore this question. If you use the same type of coffee beans, can you achieve the same flavor by hanging earbags and hand filter cups? What is the difference between them?

First of all, we should know that there is no obvious difference in the main principle between hanging-ear coffee and hand-brewed coffee, but hanging-ear bags save us a lot of tedious preparation steps and make the whole coffee-making process more efficient to get a cup of delicious coffee.

Needless to say, the front street will use a more balanced flavor: Panamanian water-washed butterfly coffee beans to see the difference between using the same beans, hanging earbags and making coffee by hand.

The brewing parameters of hand coffee are as follows: using 15g coffee beans, the ratio of powder to water is 1:15, the water temperature is 92 °C, the grinding degree is 80% of the screening rate of No. 20 sieve (the grinding scale of EK is 10 in the front street), the brewing method is three-stage extraction, using V60 filter cup, the extraction time is 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and the final liquid weight is 225ml.

The amount of powder commonly used in ear bags is about 10g-15g. So, the parameters of the earbag are: use 10g coffee powder, the ratio of powder to water is brewed at 1:15, which is equivalent to 150ml coffee liquid.

Without a thermometer, a pot of boiled 300ml water will gradually cool down by about 2 to 3 degrees Celsius per minute. Therefore, we can simply boil the water and wait for a minute to lower the water temperature to the desired range. In this way, it is convenient to make coffee even if there is no thermometer.

The specific operation steps of daily brewing and hanging earbags:

1. Prepare the cup and hot water, open the earbag, tear the seal, and hang it on the mouth of the cup.

2. after the hot water reaches a predetermined range, inject it into the center of the earbag until the water level reaches half of the earbag, and then steam for 10 to 15 seconds.

3. Carry out the second water injection, this time until the ear bag is full of nine minutes, and after the water drip filtration is finished, carry out the third water injection, also until the water drip is full, wait for the completion of the filtration, and finally inject the fourth hot water, which is still nine minutes full, and the electronic scale just shows 150g.

4. After finishing the drip filtration, you can remove the earbag and taste the coffee!

After the comparison between the two, the aroma and flavor of hand-brewed coffee is indeed more prominent, specific and more obvious, such as the sweetness of passion fruit, berries, honey and a touch of flowers; by contrast, the flavor of hanging-ear coffee is not much different from that of hand-brewed coffee.

(the left side is hanging-ear coffee, and the right side is hand-brewed coffee)

On the taste level, because the hand-flushing water injection process can control the powder bed and let the coffee powder be fully extracted, it will make it more full and round, while the hanging-ear coffee is more refreshing. If you make the right proportion without aids at home, you can use a graduated cup and follow the above steps to brew a delicious and convenient cup of coffee.

In order to further explore the difference between the two, then Qianjie conducted a group of deep-roasted Papuan Paradise Bird coffee beans for comparison, the two are equally similar in flavor, with obvious flavors of black cocoa, cream, chocolate and almonds. but the hanging-ear coffee will be sweeter, while the hand-made coffee will be thicker, and there won't be much difference in taste.

Qianjie believes that this result is mainly due to the fact that in this experiment, ear bags are both freshly ground and flushed as hand flushing, and auxiliary devices such as electronic scales and thermometers are used to strictly implement the target powder-to-water ratio. so that the flavor of hanging-ear coffee is similar to that of hand-made coffee. However, many people do not have these aids when making hanging-ear coffee at home or in the office environment, and the amount of water injected and the water temperature all depend on guessing.

In addition, most of the ear-hanging products we buy back are pre-grinding, and the aroma dissipates with the storage days. Therefore, even if it is the same type of coffee beans, the taste of hanging earbags is not as good as that of sharpening hands.

Therefore, when choosing the extraction method of coffee, we can choose according to individual taste preference and actual situation. If you want to experience more full-bodied, specific and rich aromas and flavors, as well as a fuller and round taste, hand-brewed coffee is a good choice. If you want to enjoy convenient, fast and delicious coffee, hanging-ear coffee is a good choice. Whichever way you choose, you can easily brew a delicious cup of coffee at home.


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