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Lucky employee: I can't laugh anymore after the reform.

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for many workers, February can be said to be a month of chaos, first to rush to work in order to go home early for the Spring Festival, and then to the "rework tide" after a few days of rest, tortured by the tasks and post-holiday syndrome of that month.

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As far as many workers are concerned, February can be said to be a month of chaos. First, they rushed to work in order to get home early for the Spring Festival. After a few days off, they went to the "wave of rework" and were tortured by both the work tasks of that month and post-holiday syndrome. It was not until the end of February that I was relieved.

However, these relieved workers do not include lucky workers, because after they saw the contents of Ruixing's reform in March, they only felt that the "lucky black slaves" who used to laugh at themselves were no longer suitable and should call themselves "lucky robots."

According to Lucky workers, Lucky recently began to control the working hours of store staff, working an 8-hour shift, but the actual effective working hours is 6.5 hours. What is even more defensive for migrant workers is that Ruixing began to open and close stores early in March, requiring stores with low sales to be opened early and closed by one person, and most of these stores have only one employee to work at the bar.

Forget the control of working hours, now that the manpower of the store is reduced, lucky workers are wailing unacceptably. Some employees complain that they are afraid to go to the bathroom during work, for fear that the label machine will start to ring after a while away. Some employees are worried about an emergency at the bar while they are going to the toilet, so they can only watch the real-time live broadcast of bar monitoring while squatting.

In addition, many Lucky workers said that Lucky recently did not open full-time recruitment and the promotion of employees in Carmen stores, which means that Lucky will control labor costs in all aspects and further reduce the current limited manpower.

Workers reported that sales at back-door stores declined a lot in September 9, while March is a relatively off-season. The original store may have sales of 500 to 600 cups a day, but it will drop sharply to about 200 to 300 cups in March. Sales decline, profits do not go up, and there are problems with open source, so lucky can only start from cutting expenditure and reduce labor costs again and again.

The workers in the comment area were angry and complained, "there was already a lot of bullshit and the control of working hours! now there's no one on duty! if you can't afford to open so many stores, don't open so many stores! speechless!" Lucky, what are you doing? are you poor? the company is going bankrupt. , "A line? one opens early and closes alone. I also ask for punctuality. I'm not a whore. I don't have three heads and six arms. I'm not Sun WuKong. I have thousands of monkeys if I pluck their hair."

The disgruntled Rui Xing hit workers said that the already unrich wages made it worse after they began to control working hours, coupled with the new rules after the reform, regardless of whether the employees were dead or alive, they fell asleep day by day when they were tired when they came home, and they had no enthusiasm for work at all. it is also difficult to provide customers with positive emotional value.

Judging from the recent public financial results, Ruixing's sales far exceeded Starbucks China's US $3.1 billion, but the decline in store sales caused by the decline in 9.9 activities led to a decline in store sales. in order to improve efficiency, Ruixing chose to control labor costs and may intend to transition store sales to the doldrums, but some netizens worry that Ruixing, which returns to normal prices, is still not accepted by consumers, and Ruixing employees have been complaining a lot. The decline and decline may affect the user experience and weaken the influence of the brand.

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