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The discount is too little! Lucky to limit the new product is controversial!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop chilly spring cold and continuous drizzle make Cantonese people who go out to work these days have to wrap up their coats and complain about the capricious weather in Guangdong while hiding from the wind. At this time, most people like to take a sip of warmth to warm their body and mind.

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The expected cold spring and continuous drizzle have forced Cantonese people who go out to work these days to wrap up their coats and complain about the capricious weather in Guangdong while hiding from the wind. At this time, most people like to drink a mouthful of warmth to warm their body and mind, and hot drinks such as hot lattes and hand-made coffee attract consumers to place orders.

However, some people like to have an ice drink in this weather and feel cool from the inside to the outside to the numbness of the scalp. Lucky seems to feel the demand of Cantonese people who want ice drinks more and more when it is colder, and before the weather gets warmer, they put on two new limited ice drinks-light lemon tea and light coconut water.

According to the official introduction, these two drinks, which are only available in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, will add raw coffee liquid. A single cup of caffeine is lower than the conventional American style, but the refreshing low-caffeine tea coffee is limited to the two cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. "this should be promoted throughout the country," he said. "Why is it only in Guangdong? it's not fair." "what is the limit for lemon tea? it's not that other areas don't drink it. I love it!" "Why do we have to impose regional restrictions" and "the Guangdong region outside Guangzhou and Shenzhen has been furious".

On the other hand, the Cantonese in the limited city immediately placed an order and tried it as soon as they got the news, and did not forget to take pictures after getting it, which was the envy of those who wanted to drink but could not drink. After drinking it, many netizens think that although Ruixing's new product has added raw coffee liquid, it basically can't drink any coffee, which is similar to ordinary lemon tea and coconut water in taste and taste.

Compared with Lucky's previous hot products, the taste of this light lemon tea can only be said to be regular, ordinary without any bright spots. Some netizens said bluntly that the taste was similar to the bottled lemon tea bought by the convenience store, but compared with the lemon tea in the convenience store, the price of this drink made many netizens say that they could not afford it.

According to Ruixing Mini Program, the price of the two drinks after launch is 19.9. This has led many netizens to complain that they might as well buy bottled Iced Black Tea rather than spend 19.9 on Ruixing lemon tea. "it's really average if you buy more than 9.9,"it tastes good at 9.9, but it tastes good at 19."the key taste is also very general. I really lost a lot of money for a cup of tea."

Netizens in Guangdong said that if you want to drink lemon tea, there are too many alternatives in Guangdong, some of which are better and cheaper than Ruixing lemon tea, and netizens who have tried found that Ruixing's oversized cup of lemon tea accounts for nearly half of the ice cubes, and netizens complain that half of the 19.9 percent they spend is spent on ice cubes.

As for Ruixing's series of light cafes limited by Guangzhou and Shenzhen, many netizens speculate that Ruixing may be testing the water to see how the feedback of the new product is. If Cantonese who like lemon tea can accept it, it is expected to be extended to other parts of the country.

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