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Manner has a new cup! This time it is the turn of the Royal Emperor.

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee Brand, Ruixing can be said to be a well-deserved joint king, almost every week to point to a new joint signature, but when it comes to those who are best at co-signing with big brands, they have to mention Manner. Last year, Manner and Zumarong launched once.

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Among coffee brands, Lucky can be said to be a well-deserved joint king, with new tricks almost every week, but when it comes to those who can best co-sign with big brands, they have to mention Manner. Last year, Manner and Zumarong launched a joint cooperation event. On the day of launch, the perfume gift bag as a gift sold out instantly, Mini Program collapse, unmanned delivery of takeout, and the Manner door queue in the cold wind all showed the popularity of the activity.

In addition, Manner also cooperates with LV time-limited bookstore, Winona and other well-known brands. Compared with Lucky, the joint activity of Manner is "not much but good", which will arouse consumers' enthusiasm for buying as soon as it is sold.

Recently, Manner aroused many netizens' curiosity about the new joint name with a product poster. Netizens who are good at grasping details speculate from the vase in the poster that Manner's partner this time may be Wedgwood Wikiwood, a well-known British porcelain brand. The material information revealed by Manner employees on the social platform in the past two days has further confirmed the netizens' speculation.

It is reported that Wikiwood has a brand history of more than 200 years and is a luxury product in British porcelain. Its classical and exquisite design style and delicate porcelain are loved by countless consumers around the world. The joint partnership between Manner and Wikiwood made Manner fans unbearably expected. some netizens could not help but imagine themselves drinking Manner coffee with a Wickiwood mug, saying bluntly that it should be the joint partnership that Manner chose best for their own Korean products.

But before the event began, netizens were worried about how to get the Wickywood mug, which is a luxury item in porcelain, and judging from the materials revealed by Manner employees and the price on the shopping platform, the Wickiwood classic mug is expensive.

When Lenovo bought two Ikea mugs from Manner some time ago, netizens are worried about how many cups of coffee they need to drink if they want to get a Wickywood mug. "how much coffee do you need to buy hundreds of cups?", "it doesn't take me a month to give it away."if it's really this cup, you can't buy 20 cups of coffee." "I also want to buy a hundred cups before I can get a bone china cup."

In addition, many netizens hope that the way of acquisition around the joint name can be changed. Looking back on the previous joint cooperation of Manner, it is common for people around the joint name to buy a certain number of limited beverage packages, while for consumers who do not have a coffee match and want it very much, it is difficult to drink two cups of drinks at once.

If the limited drink is just not to your taste, it may lead to waste, after netizens poured out the two cups of coffee in the set meal in order to get the Manner mug. Therefore, many netizens hope that the mugs that Manner cooperates with Wikiwood can change the rules, such as selling separately, buying more, etc., so as not to embarrass consumers who "can't drink two cups of coffee."

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