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Panamanian Coffee beans | introduction to Diamond Hill Coffee at Jade Manor in Bokui Special area

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, Panamanian coffee is well known in the global coffee market, which mainly comes from the Best Panama (BOP) founded by the Panamanian Coffee Association (SCAP). Through coffee competitions and auctions, people will bid for high-quality coffee at a high price, which can better improve people's awareness of the origin of coffee.

Panamanian coffee is well known in the global coffee market, which mainly comes from the Best Panama (BOP) founded by the Panamanian Coffee Association (SCAP). Through coffee competitions and auctions, the high-price bidding for high-quality coffee can better enhance people's understanding of the origin, variety and treatment of coffee, and at the same time provide a wider market outlet for farmers and improve income efficiency. in turn, encourage the production of high-quality coffee. The rose summer variety was found in the Feicui Manor and became famous through the 2005 BOP and won the championship for its unique flavor and unusually high score.

Panamanian coffee

Panama can't grow such high-quality coffee without its geography and unique climate. Panama is located in the south of Central America, with undulating terrain and vertical valleys. Except for the north-south coastal plain, it is mostly mountainous. Because the ground is near the equator, it is a tropical maritime climate, humid during the day and cool at night, with an annual average temperature of 23-27 ℃, drought and rain throughout the year, and an average annual rainfall of 1500-2500 mm. Panama is rich in forest resources, forests and woodlands account for 43% of the total. Coffee is mainly grown near the volcanic area of Chiriki province in western Panama, with fertile land brought by volcanic ash, high altitude and the right amount of Rain Water. The microclimate makes it an excellent coffee producing area.


Coffee producing areas are mainly divided into Boquete, Volcan-Candela and Renacimiento. These producing areas are located around the country's three volcanoes: Volc á n Baru of Baru, El Valle of Erbaye and Le Yeguada of Rajaguada.

To the east of the Baru volcano in the Pokuit producing area, coffee is grown at an altitude of 1200-2000 meters above sea level, with temperatures between 11 and 27 ℃. At the same time, due to the microclimate brought by the special terrain, Pokuit is known as the "promised land for coffee". Therefore, there are many excellent manors in the Pokuit producing area, such as Emerald Manor, Alida Manor, Duncan Manor and so on.

Jadeite Manor

In 1964, Rudolph Peterson, an American banker, retired, moved to Panama and bought the emerald estate in Poquet. Later, he gave it to his son and grandchildren to take care of it. Later, children and grandchildren improved the techniques and standards of coffee cultivation, studied the effects of local microclimate on planting, picking and processing, and purchased advanced machines to process coffee. In addition, through different plots and harvest batches, batch cup test, we also found the rose variety, and became famous in BOP by virtue of the rose variety.

At present, the Jade Manor now consists of four farms (manors): Ca ñ as Verdes, El Velo, Palmira and Jaramillo. Among the four farms, three farms, Jaramillo, Ca ñ as Verdes and El Velo, grow rose varieties, and each farm is subdivided into different plots.

Diamond Hill Series Diamond Mountain

At present, according to the official website of Jadeite Manor, Jadeite Manor Bar Rose Summer is divided into three brands: Esmeralda Auction (competitive bidding), Esmeralda Special (red bid) and Private Collection (green standard). In addition, the varieties of Kaddura and Kaduai planted in the park are divided into Diamond Hill Diamond Mountain brands.

The Diamond Hill brand is from the Ca ñ as Verdes and Ca ñ as Verdes estates of the Emerald Manor, planted at an altitude of 1400 to 1600 meters. The two independent farms have volcanic soil, and primeval forests provide enough shade for coffee trees to produce raw coffee beans with rich and complex fruit aromas, chocolate, spice flavors and sweetness. there are two ways of treatment: washing and solarization.

Front Street Coffee Panamanian Jade Manor Diamond Hill Coffee Bean producing area: Pokuit Manor / processing Plant: Emerald Manor altitude: 1400-1700 m varieties: Kaddura Kaduai treatment: sun flavor: citrus nut honey micro-fermentation cocoa

Qianjie Coffee is currently purchased from Emerald Manor Diamond Hill Coffee using Kaddura and Kaduai varieties, using sun treatment and medium roasting. The front street is boiled with a water temperature of 92 ℃ at the ratio of V60rade1 to 15. After cooking, you will smell the slight fermentation caused by the sun treatment, the entrance will have bright acidity, citrus, nut, honey flavor, smooth taste, and finally a cocoa finish.