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Manner silently sent chocolates, netizens: don't advertise!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory the day before yesterday, a customer went to the Manner store as usual before going to work, bought a cup of coffee and prepared to take it to the workplace. when he went to the bar to pick up his own drink, he also received a plate of Meiji chocolates sent by the staff. A little surprise.

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The day before yesterday, a customer went to the Manner store as usual and bought a cup of coffee to take to the workplace. when he went to the bar to pick up his own drink, he also received a plate of Meiji chocolates sent by the staff. The customer was surprised by the small surprise and immediately went to the social platform to share his joy.

The post attracted the envious eyes of consumers who regularly patronized Manner, and after learning that it was a free chocolate from Manier's offline store, netizens placed orders in the hope that they would get the same "preference" from the clerk as the blogger did and get a piece of chocolate.

And the result is naturally that some people are happy and some people wonder, they also buy Manner coffee, how can some people receive chocolate and some people don't. Enthusiastic netizens summarize from the purchasing experience of Manner consumers everywhere that if customers want to get the surprise prepared by Manner, they need to go to offline stores or Mini Program to buy this week's SOE coffee to receive.

And remind others who want to get chocolates to speed up, although the event covers stores across the country, but the number of chocolates in the stores is limited, and there will be no chocolates after delivery. This reminder worries many Manner fans who have just heard the news, fearing that they will not be able to compete with others because they are too slow to place an order at the nearest Manner store.

However, in the process of collecting chocolates, some customers were asked by Manner clerks where they knew about the recent activities of buying designated coffee and giving away chocolates. the clerks said that the event was not publicly advertised on various platforms, so many people thought that the chocolates in the store could be given away for a few days, but as the number of people placing orders increased, some clerks worried that they might give away the hidden benefits in one day.

Some shop assistants do not even know the rules of activities, mistakenly thinking that it is a cup of coffee to get a chocolate, resulting in a small number of customers who do not receive a plate of chocolate complaints.

Therefore, some people think that Manner should promote such buying and giving activities, or post event notices, so that shop assistants and customers can clearly know the rules, avoid misunderstandings, do not let customers who are slow or rarely use social platforms miss the event, and attract passers-by to buy and increase product sales, which is worth killing many birds with one stone.

However, some loyal users of Manner said that this is not the first time Manner has silently sent chocolates. At the beginning of the year, Manner gave chocolates to regular customers, and there was no public publicity as now, creating a surprise for frequent patrons of Manner.

As a result, fans believe that with the influence of Manner's current brand, if the event is publicized, 5G surfers may flock to it, and there may even be queues for purchases. This runs counter to the original intention of Manner's campaign to give benefits to fans, so it is considered that this hidden activity should not be publicized publicly, but should be spread through the grapevine among Manner regulars.

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