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Is the customer suspected of taking pictures and sitting on the sink? Shopkeeper: want to call the police

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee Coffee Shop when customers "patrol" around the shop and find a suitable location to take a few commemorative photos, this is not unusual for most shopkeepers and will not cause inner waves, but there are always one or two customers who need to take pictures.

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When clocking in, customers "patrol" around the coffee shop to find a suitable place to take a few commemorative photos, which is not unusual for most shopkeepers and will not cause inner waves, but there are always one or two customers who need to take pictures. it will become one of the indelible memories of some shopkeepers.

Yesterday, a coffee shop owner met two impressive guests. When the two girls arrived at the store, they first asked the clerk if they could take a picture without ordering. After getting a negative reply from the shop assistant, the two ordered a drink together, and while drinking, they found a suitable place to take pictures in the store. In the middle of the photo, one of the girls went into the bathroom and later asked their companions to go in and help take pictures.

Because the bathroom belongs to the surveillance corner, it is impossible to know how the two girls were filmed in it. We can only know from the surveillance video that there was a loud noise in the bathroom during their use. After that, the two men came out of the bathroom, hurriedly packed up their things and left, while the shopkeeper was shocked to see a tragic scene in the bathroom after they left the shop, with his own sink broken and smashed on the floor.

The shopkeeper who checked the monitoring was surprised and angry and said bluntly that he wanted to call the police the moment he found it. He calmed down and felt glad that the collapsed sink did not hurt the customers, otherwise he might have to pay a sum of compensation in addition to buying a new one.

After watching the surveillance video issued by the shopkeeper and the miserable washing table, the network detectives analyzed and speculated that the two girls sat on the sink in order to take the photos they wanted, and because the sink in the store was suspended, there was no physical support under the table, so it could not carry a heavy load beyond its limits and collapsed to the ground.

Many netizens expressed heartache to the shopkeeper and thought that the two girls should have informed the shopkeeper and took the initiative to compensate for the store loss because of the damage caused by the unreasonable use of the washtable, but the two did not inform the clerk after the incident. but also seems to be afraid of being claimed by the shopkeeper in a hurry to leave, this behavior of evading responsibility is really infuriating.

In addition, many people are puzzled by the photo location chosen by the two girls, "Why don't they take pictures in their own toilets? it's so weird", "they … why... to go to the toilet outside... take a picture?" "it's understandable to pose in the store, but I don't understand sitting on the sink." sit on the sink. No, no, no. Is there anything worth taking pictures of in this toilet?

Although there are more and more customers taking pictures in the coffee shop, in everyone's opinion, it is not suitable for every location in the shop, such as the sink in the bathroom. Therefore, it has been suggested that shopkeepers should follow the example of KFC McDonald's and install the new sink outside the bathroom to keep it within the range of the surveillance camera, which should effectively prevent the sink from "dying" again due to the need for customers to take pictures.

Alternatively, the shopkeeper can post a new rule next to the reinstalled sink-"Don't sit on the table to take pictures", exhorting customers not to hurt innocent sinks in order to take pictures.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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