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Indonesia's recent disasters have had a major impact on the coffee industry

Published: 2024-07-24 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/24, Indonesia is a multi-island country with coffee industry concentrated in Sulawesi, Bali, Java and Sumatra. But recently, Indonesia's disaster relief department reported that in recent times due to bad weather, many parts of Indonesia have suffered disasters, causing many of the country's

Indonesia is a country made up of many islands, and the coffee industry is mainly concentrated in Sulawesi, Bali, Java and Sumatra. But recently, Indonesia's disaster relief department reported that recent disasters in several parts of Indonesia due to bad weather have damaged several industries in the country, including the coffee industry.

Recently, several islands in Indonesia have reported torrential rain. A large number of Rain Water will cause loose soil, landslides and floods, and heavy rain will lead to soil erosion and damage to orchard land. And a large number of Rain Water will also lead to the reproduction and spread of pests, thus reducing production.

According to reports, landslides and floods have occurred in many areas of West Java Province in Indonesia, the most serious being the Bandung area of the province, which is also the largest coffee producing area on the island of Java. According to statistics, 10 people have died so far, and more than 30 houses have been damaged, and many land and roads have been damaged, resulting in serious losses.

In addition, apart from Java, the worst-hit island is Sumatra, which has recently been hit by floods and landslides caused by torrential rains, according to Indonesia's National disaster Relief Agency. It is understood that the worst-hit area is in the western part of the island. Floods and landslides caused by torrential rains have occurred in nine areas, including the capital Padang. Nearly 700 houses and farms have been destroyed, and many bridges and schools have been damaged. In total, at least 21 people have been killed, 6 missing and more than 75000 residents forced to evacuate. Although the main Arabica producing area in Sumatra is not affected, the worst-hit area this time is the Robusta coffee producing area in Sumatra province. And it is still in the fruiting period of Indonesian Robusta coffee, which is nearing the harvest period, so it has been seriously damaged. According to local producers, coffee production on some islands is expected to decrease by 20% this year due to weather disasters, and the total national production will be reduced by 50%.

In addition, earlier, farmers in several regions of Indonesia said that the development of the coffee industry was difficult because the government did not attach importance to the coffee industry and geopolitical problems led to a decline in exports and a rise in fertilizer prices. Recently, however, the government has begun to improve. The Indonesian government has listed the coffee industry as a priority industry in the "National main Development Plan", with the aim of improving human resources and technical capacity, improving the quality standards of coffee products, and so on. In addition, the Indonesian government has increased subsidized fertiliser from 4.7 million tons to 9.5 million tons to make up for the weather's impact on agricultural production, according to government officials.