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It's hard to judge! Lucky X Tengger joint name!

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop mentioned Ruixing's representative drink, In addition to last year's circle of sauce-flavored latte, When it is online by the majority of consumers favorite raw coconut latte, This drink in three years ago April on the market, Once released will be in short supply. This year, the popular raw coconut.

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When it comes to Lucky's representative drink, in addition to the sauce-flavored latte that went out last year, it is a raw coconut latte that has been loved by consumers since it was launched. This drink went on sale in April three years ago and has been in short supply as soon as it was launched.

This year, the popular raw coconut latte celebrates its third birthday. Lucky specially prepared a "raw coconut third anniversary" joint event to celebrate his birthday. According to legend, Ruixing prepared a custom birthday song sung by singer Tengel for the "lucky hero", along with a limited joint sticker.

This information really surprised netizens. Lucky has also invited celebrities and Internet celebrities to endorse them before, using the star effect to drive product sales. But this joint cooperation is slightly different. Rui Lucky and Tenger cooperate in the form of joint names to print lively and interesting Tenger memes into stickers, which has never been done before in Ruixing's joint cooperation!

Netizens with 5G speed should be no stranger to Tengger. In recent years, the singer, who is in his twenties, has broken the public's elegant filter for artists, sang a cover and brought a lot of popular songs, and is called "old urchin" by netizens.

In the eyes of netizens, the old artist does not seem to be a good match for a coffee brand like Ruixing, with many saying "this can also be co-signed", saying that this combination is "too grasping the horse". In addition, the new time of the online activity is April Fool's Day, so many people think that this may be lucky to give fans an April Fool's Day prank.

However, as the physical picture of the Tengger sticker has appeared on the Internet, the news still has some credibility. This also makes Lucky's loyal fans worry about whether to buy or not to buy this time.

Netizens who like Tenger are naturally full of expectations for the joint signature, saying that as soon as the event is launched, they will immediately place an order to buy, "if it is true, I will buy it", "to come to this, I must Tengel", "six, now I have to drink".

However, most of the joint stickers given by Rui Lucky before are mainly cartoon characters, which are so interesting and lovely that fans who like stickers can't put them down, and they have also become something that fans compete for after each event is launched. But this time the real-life meme sticker is too cracked in the eyes of fans. "this sticker is really magic", "ugly cry", "a little outrageous".

Many people said that it was difficult to accept the meme sticker and did not know how to use it after receiving it. Some fans said bluntly that they did not want the sticker at all and planned to ask the shop assistant not to give it to them when placing an order for purchase.

Compared with other brands, Ruixing can be said to play a variety of tricks jointly, and gain numerous hotspots and topics with the help of these subversive "Huahuo". As for the joint cooperation with Tengger, it remains to be seen whether it is to continue the previous popularity to become one of the hot topics, or to sink into the sea.

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