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80-plus? Did Manner "offend"the take-out platform?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "Anybody want a Manner today? "This became a daily question from a netizen in the WeChat group. It's not that the netizen is too lonely to find someone to drink coffee with her, but because she needs someone to help get Manner takeout.

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"does anyone want to drink Manner today?" This has become a daily question in a WeChat group, not because the netizen is too lonely and wants someone to have coffee with her, but because she needs someone to help collect the delivery fee for Manner takeout. According to netizens, the nearby Manner takeout needs an order of 30 yuan to be delivered, but one's own order for a cup of drink can't reach the delivery threshold, so he has to find a coffee partner to make the order with him. If there is no coffee, she needs to order an extra bottle of mineral water to cover the pick-up fee.

Manner fans who only need a single drink are plagued by the Manner takeout fee. Ordering a cup of coffee on a third-party takeout platform can't reach the starting fee, so they have to find a coffee match. If they can't find anyone, they have to buy mineral water or bread, or drink two cups of coffee a day.

Some people really envy those who only need more things to collect the departure fee, because the APP screenshot of their takeout shows that the Manner takeout nearest to them costs as much as 80 yuan. This is like a silent "eviction order" for people who only need a cup of coffee, and consumers can't reach this high delivery threshold.

Users who often order takeout say that the departure fee is actually related to the distribution distance, and the longer the delivery distance, the higher the distribution cost, so merchants generally set a higher threshold for the delivery of long-distance takeout orders. with a higher customer unit price to ensure the profit of a long-distance takeout.

However, being close does not necessarily mean that consumers will worry less. Users across the country have reported that there is still a certain threshold for delivery of takeout food less than 1 km away, and consumers have to pay an extra distribution fee of a few yuan, which makes Manner consumers feel that it is not cost-effective. "it is better to bring your own cup to buy."

After comparison, netizens found that the threshold of Manner takeout is slightly higher than Starbucks, Lucky, M stand and other chain brands, and the distribution fee is also relatively high, so that netizens can not help feeling that Manner takeout is really "unaffordable."

"very angry that a person is not worthy of takeout?", "me, too! college students usually want to have a drink at school.", "sadly, I have to drink two drinks every time, and then wake up until the middle of the night."the distribution fee is so expensive that I quit every time I finish checking silently."I haven't ordered a cup of coffee in my new job, so I haven't ordered it once."

Although some netizens explained for Manner that the commission charged by the platform is higher, if the unit price of each takeout is too low, it may not make a profit or even discount money for merchants. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of takeout orders, Manner can only choose to raise the threshold of delivery and increase the distribution fee to ensure the profit of the order.

However, for consumers of a single cup of coffee drinks, they still hope that Manner will take into account their consumer needs and lower the delivery threshold so that they do not have to rack their brains just to get a cup of coffee.

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