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What is the difference between cappuccino and Australian white and latte? How thick is the foam in a creaf? What's the connection between Freb and Ristrito?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, In most coffee shops, latte, Australian white, cappuccino, this Italian hot milk coffee "three brothers"can be said to be never absent products, because they are in great demand. Because they are so popular, we often see comparative analysis of them on major media sites. while the base

In most coffee shops, lattes, Australian white, cappuccino, this Italian hot milk coffee "three brothers" can be said to be never absent products, because they are in great demand. It is precisely because they are so popular that we can often see a comparative analysis of them on major media websites. Basically, the final answer is very unified: latte is the sweetest, Cabo is the bitterest, Australian white is the most fragrant. Latte as the highest milk content of the three, it is deserved to be sweet. However, cappuccinos and Australian white cups are almost the same, so why is cappuccino bitter than Australian white? Ah, this has to mention the Australian white base shared some time ago in Qianjie!

Different substrates are used.

Traditional espresso cafes such as lattes and cappuccinos are made by adding different amounts of steamed milk to espresso. The base of Australian white coffee is an essential concentrate derived from the way espresso is made, "Ristrido".

What we need to know in advance is that in the extraction of coffee, sour, sweet and bitter substances are released together at the moment the hot water comes into contact with the coffee powder. However, because of the different dissolution rate, there is a large amount of release at different time points, and the dissolution efficiency of sour taste and sweet taste is higher, so it will be released in large quantities in the first and middle stage of concentrated extraction. The dissolution rate of bitter substances is slow, so a large number of its release nodes will be released in large quantities when the acid and sweet substances are almost dissolved. Because it is the only hot water left to extract!

It can be said that the extraction of espresso is relatively complete. Because we need bitter substances to increase the thickness of alcohol and suppress the taste of milk. Therefore, it is necessary to use appropriate parameters to extract the right amount of sour, sweet, bitter and other flavor substances; the difference between Riestriot is that it prefers a strong coffee flavor, but does not want a bitter taste. So they cut off the tail section and cut off only the sour and sweet flavor substances. (details of Riestrito can be moved to the article "Rithrito".)

To put it simply, when we use the same amount of powder to extract espresso and Ristow respectively, espresso will be more bitter because the liquid is heavier and more bitter, while Ristow will have less bitterness because it has less weight and higher concentration. Therefore, in the same cup volume, cappuccino will be more bitter than Australia!

The thickness of the foam, of course, many merchants do not specifically set an extraction parameter for Australia and White, after all, the amount of cups purchased may not be as large as those used in the machine (such as Qianjie). Therefore, espresso will be directly applied to make Australian white. So at this time, the same cup volume, the same liquid weight, will make a gap between cappuccino and Australian white, only the amount of milk foam!

The most iconic thing about cappuccino and Australia White is their foam. Cappuccino's milk foam is notoriously thick, and the cloud-like milk foam is its unique experience, while Australian white milk foam is notoriously thin because it is thin enough and it has strong fluidity. The taste is called velvet texture. The thickness of the cappuccino foam will be about 1~1.5cm, while the Australian white foam will be smaller than 0.5cm. Because the existence of milk foam will compress the space of milk in the cup, how much milk will there be difference between them under the same cup quantity?

The 240ml cup used in the former street as an example, the production standard of cappuccino is that the milk foam needs to overflow the cup to reach 11 points full, while Australia White is equal to the mouth of the cup, so let's make one cup separately and weigh the amount of milk that reaches the standard.

By weighing, we can find that the whole liquid weight of cappuccino is 195ml, excluding the 40ml weight of espresso can be calculated that the weight of milk is 155ml; while the whole cup of Australian white liquid weight is 225ml, excluding the weight of espresso 40ml, we can get that the weight of milk is 185ml, which is more 30ml than cappuccino. It is this extra 30ml milk that magnifies the ratio of coffee to milk and dilutes the bitterness of coffee, so Australia White is not as bitter as Cabo ~ and latte is popular because it dilutes the bitterness through milk, so it is sweet.


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