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What is pink bourbon in Colombia? Pink Bourbon may not be Bourbon.

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, The Bourbon, like the Iron Pickup, belonged to the elder breed of the Arabica family. Many of the "Cenozoic"varieties are Bourbon varieties, such as SL 28, Kadura, etc. In addition to these newly discovered varieties, bourbon also has a variety of colorful versions, such as: yellow bourbon, orange bourbon. for

Bourbon, like the tin pickup, belongs to the patriarch of the Arabica family. Many "Cenozoic" varieties are bourbon variants, such as SL28, Kaddura and so on. In addition to these newly discovered varieties, bourbon also has a variety of colorful versions, such as yellow bourbon and orange bourbon. In order to distinguish the original bourbon from them, people specially gave it the nickname "red bourbon" with its original red.

In recent years, there is always an eye-catching bourbon at the top of the Colombian tournament. What makes it different from other varieties is that its name alone can attract the attention of a large number of fierce men. And it is our protagonist today-"Pink Bourbon", translated as "Pink bourbon"!

What is pink bourbon? Pink bourbon, as the name implies, is the appearance of pink bourbon. Of course, it is not the appearance of the coffee beans, but the appearance of the coffee fruit wrapped in the coffee beans! Pink bourbon coffee fruit color is light and soft pink, and its unique color is very difficult to maintain.

The original pink bourbon was hybridized with red bourbon and yellow bourbon to form hybrid crystals. The reason why it is said that its appearance is difficult to maintain, because pink is an invisible gene, once encountered red, or yellow and other dominant genes will be masked, can not show. Therefore, if farmers want to harvest pink it by planting it, they must plant it separately from other varieties in order to reduce the risk of being covered by other colors.

At present, pink bourbon is mainly cultivated in Central and South American countries, especially in Colombia. According to Qianjie, it is found that in Mr. Han Huaizong's fourth Wave of Fine Coffee, it is written that the planting of pink bourbon in Colombia can be traced back to the 1950s and 1980s! In those years, Cenicafe, the research unit of the Columbia Coffee producers Association (FNC), set up an experimental farm in San Andorf in Huilan. There are hundreds of different varieties from all over the world planted on this farm! And continue to breed new varieties through hybridization, and this is the experimental purpose of this farm.

In the 1980s, Colombian coffee at that time was being indiscriminately eroded by leaf rust, and the losses suffered by the estates were incalculable. As a result, the owner of Baishan Manor bought a batch of coffee varieties with leaf rust antibodies from the experimental farm for trial planting, and this variety is pink bourbon. However, at first, the pink bourbon did not attract much attention. Instead, it was mixed with a large number of disease-resistant varieties such as Kaddura and Castilla. Until 2002, the owner of Baishan Manor, Rodrigo, who was deeply interested in the unique varieties, began to test the unique varieties of the estate one by one after he learned the "cup test" skill in the local coffee training course. As a result, through the cup test, it was found that the pink bourbon has a unique flavor similar to that of Rosa: citrus notes, light and elegant flowers. As a result, they began to study this unique variety.

In 2014, he took out the pink bourbon and distributed the unique and rare seed to other estates and planted it together. It is this selfless act that makes Pink bourbon a success. From 2019 to 2023, Pink Bourbon has achieved good results in all major tournaments. Recently, at the WBC World Barista Competition last year (23 years), Mr. Boram UM won the championship with pink bourbon.

Although it is called bourbon, it is not necessarily bourbon. What a surprise! Although pink bourbon is called bourbon, it is not always bourbon! It is true that in the early days, pink bourbon was crystallized by a hybrid of red bourbon and yellow bourbon. But in recent years, genetic tests have found that most of the pink bourbon are not just bourbon species!

Of the 19 pink bourbon tests listed in the book Fine Coffee alone, 7 do not carry any bourbon chromosomes! On the contrary, more genes were detected from the local species of Ironpickup, Rosa and Ethiopia. The rest are bourbon or a cross between bourbon and other varieties. Secondly, the apical leaves of bourbon plants are mostly green, while those of pink bourbon plants are light brown. This detail side confirms that pink bourbon is not only the possibility of bourbon species. So if you put it this way, can the pink bourbon whose genes are mainly iron pickups and Rosa can be renamed? The correct name of the person with high content of iron pickup is "Pink Iron Card", and that of Rose Summer is "Pink Rose Summer" ~

I don't know if I can change the name, but Qianjie thinks that if there is a rosy summer of "pink series", then its price should double! Then, although today we can find out through genetic tests that some pink bourbon is not bourbon, it is still impossible to find out the true origin of these pink bourbon. As the book says, perhaps only the experimental farm that was in charge of the project will know the truth about the pink bourbon.


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