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Job seekers because of Shanghai household registration by Ruixing "rejected"!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop Ruixing coffee last month after the employment system reform, Ruixing store employees leave the current situation is serious, so that many Ruixing stores recently lack of manpower, urgent need of new employees to join, all kinds of recruitment channels can see Ruixing store released information. is now

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After Luckin Coffee began the reform of the employment system last month, the situation of staff running out of Ruixing stores is so serious that recently, many Lucky stores are short of manpower and are in urgent need of new employees to join them. Messages released by Ruixing stores can be seen on various recruitment channels.

It is also time for graduates to come out to look for jobs, and some young people who dream of "drinking coffee at work" submit job applications to Rui Lucky, hoping to become a member of Rui Lucky. One of the netizens in Shanghai also wanted to feel the work of a barista in Ruixing store, so he submitted an application to Ruixing's part-time barista position.

After that, she waited for a few days with great expectation, but instead of announcing the entry, she turned down her application for a job. The applicant originally thought that she was rejected because of lack of work experience, but she was surprised by the feedback she received after the inquiry. Rui Lucky staff said that "at present, Shanghai Ruixing does not accept locals", refused to arrange an interview and refused directly.

The reason for the refusal shocked not only the Shanghai job seeker, but also netizens. According to job seekers, the Rui Lucky staff member said that "do not accept locals" refers to Shanghainese whose ID cards begin with "310", including Shanghai aborigines who were born and raised in Shanghai and non-aborigines who have taken root in Shanghai.

After the post was released, netizens had their own views on it.

Some people think that it may be influenced by works of art such as novels, movies and TV dramas. The mention of Shanghainese as "petty bourgeoisie", "exquisite", "elegant" and other labels gives some employers a preconceived impression of job seekers in Shanghai. I don't think it's like a hard-working worker.

While Lucky stores have a heavy workload, baristas need to stand at the bar for a long time and make hundreds of drinks a day. The staff of Ruixing in Shanghai may be worried that they will not be able to accept such an intensive and heavy job. So they turned down the local applicant.

On the other hand, some netizens said that Shanghai's social security contribution base is also among the best in the country, so most Shanghai job seekers will require enterprises to pay local social security when they enter the job. If you hire too many local Shanghainese, Ruixing will need to spend more on social security for its employees, which may not help Ruixing to control the labor costs of its Shanghai stores.

Some Shanghai merchants believe that it is understandable that Shanghai Ruixing does not accept local job seekers. In their view, compared with migrant workers, most local job seekers have a certain degree of living security, thinking that locals are "not able to bear hardships", "do not strive for progress", "ask the unit to hand in social security, and then fish in troubled waters all day."

However, in the view of most job seekers, no matter what the consideration is, Shanghai Ruixing's rejection of job seekers on the grounds of "not accepting locals" is unfair to local job seekers, and job seekers with "Shanghai household registration" should not be treated with some inherent impression. after all, not all "Shanghainese" are generally regarded as job seekers who "do not lack money to dawdle along".

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