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Sky blue star ice dumplings?! No appetite.

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| As soon as the Qingming Festival ended, Starbucks was preparing for the next wave of events. However, the small partners don't need this time. The next wave of activities of Starbus is not a new joint venture with so-and-so IP cooperation, but will be online on time every year, and the star ice dumplings that are self-contained in the zongzi world.

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As soon as the Qingming Festival is over, Starbucks is already preparing for the next wave of activities. But friends do not need this time, Starbucks' next wave of activities is not a new joint name with so-and-so IP, but will be launched on time every year, the zongzi world has its own Xingbing dumplings about to land in various stores.

Xingbing dumplings, which taste strange and look like non-dumplings, have once again appeared in front of consumers with the insistence of Starbucks year after year. There has been a lot of news about this year's Xingbing dumplings on social platforms. It is reported that this year's Xingbing dumplings are the same as last year. There are still eight dumplings and four flavors.

However, compared with last year, this year's Xingbing dumplings are colorful and dazzling. Judging from the pictures, the constant crystal shell of Xingbing dumplings is paired with colorful stuffing. Needless to say, it will be mistaken for "rainbow candy".

One of the most eye-catching is the sky blue star ice rice dumplings in the upper right corner that can compete with peppermint. According to the promotional message on the picture, the sky blue zongzi, called "Langda Coconut", said it used imported coconut, tasted "as blue as the sea" and was regarded by netizens as an abstract and unimaginable taste.

Sky blue is one of the colors that many people like, and sky blue high-looking objects can be seen everywhere in life. However, in the food industry, bright sky blue is so rare that when this special color appears on food, the first reaction of many people is "the brighter the more poisonous."

Therefore, for this sky blue star ice rice dumplings, although the formula list shows the use of food pigment to show this beautiful appearance, but some netizens still find it difficult to accept, "do people really have an appetite for blue food?" It looks even worse.

As for the taste of being "online violent" year after year, Starbucks seems to have listened to the opinions of all parties and combined with past experience to re-innovate the taste of Xingbing rice dumplings, launching four gaudy flavors.

From the recipe list, this year's four star ice dumplings should be mainly fruit flavor. Although compared with traditional Chinese zongzi, fruit-flavored Xingbing rice dumplings are still too curious. However, in the view of netizens, this may become a "normal taste" star ice dumplings in history.

Although Starbucks has improved the appearance of Xingbing dumplings this year and made some adjustments in taste in an attempt to arouse fans' desire to buy, more people still maintain a wait-and-see attitude. After all, on major social platforms, Xingbing dumplings, which are independent of the Chinese zongzi world, have always been complained about "bad taste", but every year some people still pay for the "evil legend of the zongzi world".

This has to mention Starbucks employees. When Starbucks rice dumplings are on sale, they will sell them to customers who order at the bar, and they will do whatever it takes to sell a gift bag.

For example, last year, because of its good appearance and large capacity, Starbucks shop assistants seized the opportunity to attract consumers' attention because of the gift Tote bag in the Xingbing rice dumplings gift bag last year, while shouting the slogan "buy bags and send zongzi", while displaying their painting and rope weaving skills to help guests DIY bags, so that many customers are willing to buy Xingbing rice dumplings they do not like to eat for free gifts.

So when the news of Xingbing rice dumplings spread again, most Starbucks clerks only care about this giveaway. After all, they want to sell all the Xingbing rice dumplings which are so difficult to evaluate, without the help of beautiful bags.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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