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Staff wrote Rap, Manner, listen!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop yesterday, a post titled "Manner, Manner, I want to diss you." The author expresses his experiences and emotions during his work at Manner in words, writing a song that makes netizens admire R.

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Yesterday, there was a post entitled "Manner,Manner, I want to diss you" on the social platform.

The author used words to express his experience and feelings while working at Manner, and wrote a Rap word that amazed netizens. It also attracted a wave of Manner workers, saying that the word had really been written into their hearts, and some people even called for composing music for it, giving this Rap to the brand to listen to the voices of workers all over the country.

However, there are also passers-by who question it. The content of the post has a certain element of artistic processing, describing the working life of the Manner clerk in a difficult situation, but when I get along with the clerks in the store, I don't feel dissatisfied with their work, so I can't help but wonder if the post is exaggerating.

This makes Manner's current employees and former employees who have left office restless, saying that the author is writing about their real working life, especially the migrant workers who have been with Manner for many years.

Like the word "getting up at 5 o'clock to catch the bus, a thousand yuan late is reduced by a second." veteran employees who have worked for many years said that Manner is very strict with employees who are late, and once "deducted money + persuaded them to quit". Because this rule is not reasonable, it is now changed to "employees who arrive late and leave early, with a fine of 1000 full attendance Award".

In order to keep their monthly attendance award, many workers may need to get up early and drive to a store a few kilometers away to work, so "getting up at 5: 00 to drive a car" is not an exaggeration, but the personal experience of some Manner workers.

Now that the full attendance award has been mentioned, we should also talk about the salaries of the employees.

The salary announced by the brand on the recruitment platform ranges from 6, 000 to 8, 000, so many people regard Manner workers as "high-paying occupations" in coffee chains. However, according to Manner employees, the salary in the recruitment announcement is not the actual salary. After deducting items such as social insurance and house fund, the actual salary for employees is about 4000 yuan.

If you unfortunately lose your attendance award because you are late or leave early, you will lose another 1000 yuan, and you will get about 3000 of your salary in a busy month.

In addition, it is also normal for Manner employees to go to the store alone and meet the wave of order explosion alone. From the beginning, people were sad that they could not make an order and were complained by customers. now, even if there are more than a dozen cups of drinks, they can calmly pull flowers for the hot latte and then produce it. So much so that former shop assistants recalled the past and lamented that Manner's working life had taught them how to maintain emotional stability.

In the white coffee shop, standing behind the bar to make a warm hot latte for customers was once the imagination of many baristas, and because of this vision, they chose to become a member of the store.

However, after all, there is a difference between imagination and reality. Various experiences in the store, heavy pressure on the body, chaotic operation management and so on have eroded the workers' initial enthusiasm and made people realize that what they think of as a dream coffee shop is not actually a so-called work paradise.

This is true not only for Manner employees, but also for all migrant workers. Commuting and attendance are difficult problems to face every day. Maybe you can only use this Rap full of memories and feelings to express your deep "love" to the coffee shop you once loved.

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