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Shit! The store owner will be driven crazy by the photo taking!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop takes photos and shares every bit of life on social platforms. It has long been part of young people's daily routine. You can take a cup of coffee or a piece of cake, as today's lucky. However, recently, shop visitors have discovered that more and more coffee shops

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It has long been a daily routine for young people to share photos of their lives on social platforms. A cup of coffee or a piece of cake can be photographed as a lucky thing today.

Recently, however, visitors have found that more and more coffee shops are posting "no photography" notices, and occasionally pulling out their cameras to take pictures of warm lattes that have just been served has also been discouraged by the clerk. Some consumers can't help but wonder whether refusing to take pictures has become the "entry guide" in coffee shops.

Under the influence of the trend of visiting shops and clocking in, beautifully decorated coffee shops have become "film locations" for young people. Some consumers believe that they are paying not only for a drink, but also for a space environment that makes them feel happy, so there is nothing wrong with opening the photo mode in the store for those who have already spent it.

But the shopkeepers are very helpless about it. If it's just a simple photo sharing, most shopkeepers won't disallow it. But as soon as they saw photography enthusiasts pulling out long guns, supplementary lights, lighting boards, and so on, shopkeepers not only wanted to stand up and organize, but also wanted to shout, "this is a cafe, not a studio."

A shopkeeper said that he would be a little happy to see the guests taking pictures because they liked the decoration of the store. But as more and more customers treat their small shops as rent-free studios, when these people pile up all kinds of professional equipment on the table and move the tables and chairs in the store without their permission, the happiness of the shopkeeper may turn into gloom.

If several members of the shooting team order only one drink or break an ornament during the shooting, the shopkeepers say that they would rather offend a group of customers who love taking pictures and get a few bad reviews from the store. it is also necessary to hang "no photography" in the most conspicuous position and refuse the visit of some consumers.

When it comes to "taking pictures in the coffee shop", it is not only the shopkeepers, but also other guests who want to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the time. Many people think that the coffee shop is originally a quiet place for leisure, but flashing lights and the sound of dragging tables and chairs will break the environment created in the store, and some photographers even let other guests give up their seats for a photography angle. regardless of other people's sense of experience.

Consumers who pay attention to coffee itself prefer to taste coffee in a comfortable environment rather than finish their drinks in a noisy atmosphere such as a vegetable market. therefore, more and more guests support coffee shops banning commercial shooting, excessive shooting and other behaviors that affect others.

Clocking in and taking pictures has become a common phenomenon, and most shopkeepers do not reject the behavior of guests to take pictures and share their lives. On the contrary, these beautiful photos appear on social platforms, which is undoubtedly free publicity for coffee shops and may bring traffic and new customers to the stores.

Once the filming behavior increases, the trouble to the shopkeeper and other guests will follow. The good atmosphere in the store was destroyed by all kinds of excessive filming, in which case, the shopkeeper for peace was forced to reject all kinds of filming in an inhumane way.

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