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How to draw American coffee? What is the principle of latte flowers? How to steam espresso?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, The birth of coffee pulling flowers has added great appeal to dairy espresso. Even people who have never been exposed to coffee will be attracted by the exquisite pulling flowers pattern and order a cup of "bitter" that they have never experienced in life. The act of pulling flowers is called "Latte Art", Latte Art. Care big

The birth of coffee flowers has added great attraction to milk espresso. Even people who have never come into contact with coffee will be attracted by the exquisite pattern and order a cup of bitterness that they have never experienced in life. The act of drawing flowers is called "Latte Art", the art of lattes. In Italian, latte means milk. In other words, flower drawing is a unique art of milk.

But in many cases, American lovers who do not like milk coffee also want their coffee to have a beautiful flower pattern. As a result, they will ask the coffee shop this question: "can you give me a flower for my American style?"

As we all know, American coffee is made by espresso and water, without the intervention of any other substance, so American coffee is included as a member of black coffee. So, can American coffee make a flower pattern without a drop of milk?

The answer is yes of course! The principle of the coffee flower is to make the milk foam sent by the steam float on the surface of the coffee to form a pattern. The main component of milk foam is protein, and espresso also has this "hard requirement". Therefore, we only need to create the conditions that can support it, then even American coffee can get a beautiful flower pattern!

And the condition we need to create is the amount of liquid! The small liquid volume of espresso is simply impossible to be dispelled by a strong steam stick, so we need to raise the amount of liquid used to dismiss it. And this is very simple to achieve ~ just replace the hot water originally used for dilution and concentration with normal temperature water, and then pour it into the flower jar and concentrate to get rid of it! Of course, it is best to use ice water. After all, the lower the temperature of the liquid, the longer the time spent and the denser the foam. But if there is no ice water, it does not matter, we can directly achieve the goal of cooling by adding ice to the water! It's all water, and the ice will not dilute the concentration of water after melting. The theory is formed, and then Qianjie will take you to see how American coffee is pulled.

The ratio of American jacquard coffee to water is still hot American 1:4, but because we need to cool the liquid we use to dispense, we need to replace half of the water with ice. The specific parameters are: 40ml coffee liquid, then 80ml room temperature water and 80g ice cubes. First, we pour the water and ice into the flower jar.

The espresso is then extracted in two parts using a shunt handle. (the parameter is 20g powder, the ratio of powder to liquid at 1:2, extraction time 30 seconds)

Pour one into the coffee cup and the other into the flower jar and shake well.

After shaking evenly, we use steam sticks to get rid of it. The process of passing away is the same as that of milk, air intake, spanking and fusion. It should be noted that due to the high fluidity of the water, we need to increase the thickness of the foam to reduce the fluidity and increase the fault tolerance rate.

Shake the milk tank at the end of the day, so that the liquid and bubbles can be better integrated. Then start drawing immediately! (don't delay, because the coffee foam dissipates more quickly.)

The drawing process is no different from the latte, the specific pattern depends on its own proficiency in flower drawing, and then it is finished!

The pattern is clearly visible! And this cup with foam American drink has a different style, in addition to the original American taste, the surface foam also adds a mellow feeling to the overall drinking experience, very comfortable! Come and give it a try.