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No consumption, no entry! Tourists question the unreasonable requirements of the cafe

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Nowadays, the "road to fame" of cafes is not limited to drinks. Exquisite decoration, unique location, pet-friendliness, etc. can all be used as selling points of a coffee shop, thus becoming a consumer. A place where people are willing to check in and spend. situated in the

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Nowadays, the "road to fame" of cafes is no longer limited to drinks, but beautifully decorated, strange locations, pet-friendly and so on can be used as the selling points of a coffee shop, thus becoming a place where consumers are willing to sign in.

A cafe located in Cangnan County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, because of its unique location-facing the sea and sitting on a vast sea view, has become one of the local famous clocking in photo spots after opening, and many tourists come here just to take a few beautiful pictures here.

But recently, tourists who thought of clocking in to take pictures at the cafe said they were stopped by the staff of the cafe before they entered the cafe.

It can be seen from the video shot by the crowd at the scene that the clerk with the QR code blocked the access to the coffee shop and repeatedly stressed to the tourists who wanted to enter that they needed to scan the code to pay before they could get to the viewing platform. This makes tourists who only want to take pictures and clock in greatly dissatisfied and question the unreasonable request put forward by the shopkeeper that "no consumption is not allowed."

It is understood that the cafe is located on the edge of the cliff of Nantou Village in Cangnan County. Guests can walk down the stairs behind the shop assistant in the video to get to the cafe, or walk to the viewing platform through the white stairs built along the mountain wall to listen to the sea photos.

Due to its unique design, exquisite decoration and the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky, the cafe attracts young people from nearby to visit the shop after its official opening, and the wide viewing platform has become an excellent place to shoot.

However, due to the increase in the number of tourists during the holidays, many people see the "recommended photography spot" billboard at the entrance of the cafe and regard the viewing platform connected to the cafe as a free sign-in point. They only want to shoot the scenery on the platform but do not think of the consumption of the cafe, which makes the shopkeeper have to make this bad policy and let the staff stand on the only way to stop people.

After the video was released, most netizens were supportive. The viewing platform is a special feature of the cafe, and the purpose is to use this excellent shooting place to attract guests who like photography and scenery. Therefore, many people think that the viewing platform should be a profitable place rather than a free scenic spot that tourists think. If a large number of tourists only want to take pictures and enjoy the scenery for free, it will have an impact on the business.

"reasonable, people decorate to become a sign-in point", "absolutely no problem", "other businesses opened in this location is not to attract customers to sign in."

Some netizens said that the cafe also has a branch nearby, which has also become a photo spot for online celebrities because of its unique architectural design and geographical advantages. However, as soon as the holiday season came, the branch was overcrowded with tourists. People who want coffee have no place to sit, and people who want to take pictures find that the background boards are full of people.

Perhaps because of the warning from the past and to avoid similar situations, the newly opened stores have laid down the rule of "spending first and then entering the store", which can effectively control passenger flow and allow the cafe to operate normally. It can also ensure that customers can get a good consumer experience here.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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