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Blue Bottle Coffee loses the lawsuit in trademark lawsuit!!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop A simple little blue bottle has made countless coffee lovers remember the "Apple of the coffee industry" Blue bottle coffee, and has also made many consumers like various utensils with blue and white colors, such as Blue Bottle's thermos, filter cups, etc. have become powder due to their high appearance

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A simple small blue bottle makes countless coffee lovers remember the "Apple of the coffee industry" blue bottle coffee, and it also makes many consumers like all kinds of appliances with blue and white colors, such as the thermal cups and filter cups launched by the blue bottle, which have become popular with fans because of their good appearance.

After the popularity of blue bottle coffee all over the network, Peugeot's new logo blue bottle has also become a target for many brands to emulate. Some domestic enterprises have imitated and rushed to register the trademark, so that the process of blue bottle entering the mainland market has been delayed due to the dispute over trademark registration. In foreign countries, there are also trademarks similar to blue bottle coffee on the market, and the brand naturally protects its own legitimate rights and interests through legal means.

But this week, Blue bottle Coffee lost a trademark lawsuit in the United States. In August 2021, Blue bottle Coffee sued Blue Brew, the brand that operates coffee utensils, accusing it of infringing 17 federally registered trademarks and trade appearances.

In a 55-page ruling filed on Tuesday, a federal district court judge in Northern California rejected Blue bottle's trial motion, noting that there was insufficient evidence that consumers had confused or might confuse Blue Bottle and Blue Brew.

Founded in 2002, Blue bottle Coffee has expanded to at least 70 stores around the world, has a certain brand influence and awareness, and has many loyal consumers. As a result, the company argues that blue brew's name, trademark and trade appearance infringe on Blue bottle's long-standing trademark, including the marine blue used in the trademark (according to court documents, the blue of the blue bottle trademark is Pantone 2995C).

According to court documents, there are some controversial blue colors in this case, including the defendant's Pantone305C (top left) and 2130C (bottom left), and the blue bottle's Pantone2995C (top right). )

Blue Brew is a subsidiary of Southern Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Southern Technologies, LLC). In the evidence submitted to the court, the head of the company shared an email to a graphic designer referring to the blue color used in the blue bottle coffee logo, but she said, the reason for the mention is to enable designers to avoid using specific blue.

According to court documents, the person in charge stressed in the statement that Blue Brew's trademark and packaging were specially designed to remind people of Blue Brew's trademark and reminiscent of Jamaica's Blue Mountain Coffee growing area.

Blue Brew's brand is designed to be used in a range of coffee equipment sold by the company, such as coffee drip filters, manual grinders and various coffee utensils, which are more or less the same in appearance and shape, and there are similar styles on the market, which do not constitute infringement.

In addition, the judge held that the equipment was packaged in a branded box marked with two blue hues, and that the two shades of blue were significantly different from the blue used by the blue bottle logo.

The judge said that while respecting Blue bottle's right to bring a trademark lawsuit against Blue Brew, the plaintiff was not qualified to file a claim for trademark infringement and trade appearance infringement, and that there were significant differences in trademarks between the two sides, and there was no possibility that consumers would confuse the two. At the same time, the court also rejected Blue bottle Coffee's claim to revoke the registered trademark of Blue Brew.

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