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With concentrated and hand-brewed coffee, what is red-eye coffee? How to make black eye coffee? What is the difference between it and American?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Recently, while Qianjie was surfing the Internet, he discovered a special espresso that is popular in North America: red-eye coffee. Like most espresso, it is made by adding other substances to espresso! The difference is that the object of fusion with espresso is still coffee! and still "

Recently, when Qianjie was surfing the Internet, I found a special espresso popular in North America: red-eye coffee. Like most espresso, it is made by adding other substances to the Italian concentrate! The difference is that coffee is still the object of fusion with espresso! And it is a "dose" of drip coffee! So we can imagine how strong this cup of red-eye coffee is.

The origin of red-eye coffee is also very interesting. According to the information found on the Internet in Qianjie, the birth of red-eye coffee has a lot to do with red-eye flights, which we can guess from the name. Red-eye flights refer to passenger flights that fly for a long time at night! Usually this kind of flight leaves late at night or early in the morning and can not arrive at its destination until the next morning or early morning, and the flight time is longer than the regular flight. And because they fly at night and take a long time, passengers on these flights can sleep better. However, because the flight time of some flights will be less than the normal sleep time, so when they arrive at the destination, the passengers who are forced to wake up will get off the plane with red blood in their eyes due to lack of sleep. As a result, such night flights are called "red-eye flights".

The success of the flight can be attributed to the crew who stayed up all night, and flying for a long time at night can easily lead to drowsiness, so the crew will continue to ingest coffee to resist drowsiness. But with the increase in caffeine intake, a small amount of caffeine can no longer resist the attack of drowsiness. As a result, the crew came up with the idea of combining the two to get higher caffeine. This is about red-eye coffee, which is the most widely spread theory of origin.

How do you make red-eye coffee? The previous practice of red-eye coffee is to add four parts of drip-filter coffee to one espresso, but with the development of the times, the extraction and measurement of espresso have changed. Therefore, we need to adjust the proportion of red-eye coffee. The concentration of one espresso today is equivalent to that of the previous two, so Qianjie will increase the proportion of drip coffee to 1:5. That is espresso 1 and drip coffee 5. Then, we need to choose the right coffee beans to make drip filter coffee, after all, it is two different kinds of coffee to "mix", if the taste is too different, it is easy to feel disobedient, so the choice of coffee beans is particularly important.

And this has to mention the blending rules shared before the front street, and it is very important to have a similar degree of baking if you want to make the coffee taste consistent. It's not about extraction, it's about taste. The taste of light roasted coffee is mainly sour, while that of deep roasted coffee is bitter. If you use espresso with deep roasted beans, then the beans used for extraction trickling coffee should also be deep roasted. Otherwise, the final extracted red-eye coffee tastes extremely strange and difficult to swallow. The Italian coffee beans used in the front street are sunny blends, a medium-and deep-roasted bean. As a result, the beans used to extract drip coffee are also medium-and deep-roasted Queen's Manor of Brazil. In a large number of trickling extraction, we need to choose a very representative brewing method to extract this queen's manor, needless to say, it is naturally hand-brewed coffee! The hand extraction parameters of medium and deep baked beans in Qianjie are as follows: 15g powder, grinding 75% of sieve 20, powder-water ratio at 1:15, water temperature 88 °C, three-stage brewing, Kono filter cup, while the extraction parameters of espresso are: 20g powder, 1:2 powder-liquid ratio, extraction time 30 seconds. First of all, we brew the coffee by hand first, because the extraction time of espresso is relatively short, so we can make it by hand and then concentrate it, which can reduce the waiting time for a cup of coffee.

Then when we finish the third section of water by hand, we can start making espresso! Grinding, filling, cloth powder, extraction, in one go.

When the espresso extraction is complete, pour directly into the prepared cup.

Then pour in the hand to make coffee! Because the concentrate is poured into 40ml, the hand-brewed coffee is poured into 200ml.

Stir well and you can drink it!

The warm sun blend flavor used in Qianjie is characterized by whisky aroma, butter cookies and slightly sour berries. The hand flavor of Queen's Manor is chocolate, cream and nuts. When the two of them are mixed together, the taste can not be fully displayed because the coffee concentration is too high! There are only a few obvious flavors: chocolate, nut cream and whisky, while the overall taste of coffee is much thicker than that of ordinary coffee.

It is reasonable that even in Qianjie, which consumes a lot of coffee every day, it is very challenging to finish this cup of coffee. So if you have a bad stomach or can't drink too much coffee, please don't try it easily! Because its coffee concentration is really high, it is definitely not as easy to drink as expected.