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How to make traditional Roman espresso? What are the parameter ratios for the sharing teaching of lemon coffee making?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Lemon is a fruit with a fragrant fragrance but extremely sour taste. There is also a description of lemon in the flavor of coffee! When we drink a bright, rising acid with a fresh aroma in a cup of single-piece coffee, then we will describe this flavor as "lemon." But this flavor only

Lemon is a kind of fruit with delicate fragrance but outstanding sour taste. There is also a description of lemon in the coffee flavor! When we drink a bright, rising acidity in a cup of coffee with a fresh aroma, then this flavor will be described as "lemon". But this flavor is just our association. In Italy, the hometown of coffee machines, there is an espresso with lemon! By adding lemon juice directly, we can really feel the fresh acidity of lemon in the coffee, which is the Italian "Roman espresso"!

Roman espresso was invented by the Italian coffee maker and mocha pot, coffee has become a part of their daily life. But at that time, Italy had just experienced an economic crisis and borne the negative effects of the world war, so they had no choice but to use deep-roasted shoddy coffee beans to make coffee. Stimulation and bitterness are the negative experiences that these deep-baked shoddy beans will bring. Many people can't accept such a powerful taste, so they start to try to add other substances to the coffee to neutralize the bitterness of the coffee.

(the picture is for reference only) We know that flavors influence and blend with each other. When one flavor is higher than other flavors, it reduces the expressiveness of other flavors, making them auxiliary to their own existence. Therefore, sour, sweet and salty can suppress the existence of bitterness. It just so happens that the Campania region in southern Italy is rich in lemons, so the practice of adding lemons to concentrate was born. (this also leads to rumors that although Rome is in the name of Roman espresso, it may not have been invented in Rome. Although citric acid can reduce the bitterness of stimulation, too much emphasis on sour taste becomes a thorny "thorn", so people think of adding sugar to neutralize it. In the end, in addition to lemons, sugar is also a member of Roman espresso. As of today, this espresso is still popular in southwestern Italy, although the title may be different, but the practice is basically the same. So let's take a look at how this Roman espresso should be made.

Roman espresso "Espresso Romano" the material we need to prepare is very simple, an espresso, a piece of lemon, and 10g white sugar will be fine. Espresso is still the same, we can extract it with normal parameters! The extraction parameters are as follows: 20g coffee beans were used for warm sun, the ratio of powder to liquid was 1:2, and the extraction time was 30 seconds.

When we have finished extracting the espresso, pour it into a cup containing sugar.

Then you can choose to add the lemon in two ways, one is to squeeze the lemon juice directly, and the other is to put the lemon block directly into the cup and bring the lemon juice out with a warm concentrate.

The difference between the two is that there is more and less lemon juice, which can be chosen according to the degree of roasting of your coffee. The deeper the roast, the more lemon juice (sugar also needs to increase). On the other hand, the beans used in Qianjie are medium-deep baked warm sun blends, and the bitterness is not obvious. So you don't need too much lemon juice to neutralize, 4ml can. After the production is finished, we stir and concentrate, mix all the substances well and start drinking.

This Roman espresso is really good when mixed properly, the concentrated bitterness is suppressed by sour taste, the sharp sour taste is softened by granulated sugar, and the whole cup tastes like a sweet and sour espresso with whisky aroma, butter cookies and caramel sweetness. Friends who like acid can give it a try, but friends who don't like acid, it's better to have a look.