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How to open a mocha pot? What should I pay attention to when using a mocha pot? Why do you fry a pot?

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, When we purchased a brand new iron pot, we would "open the pot" before formal use in order to avoid rust. I never thought that the newly purchased mocha pots would require a similar "kettle opening ceremony." Friends who have purchased a mocha pot know that there is a conspicuous reminder on the logo on the instructions. This reminder

When we buy a brand new iron pot, we will "boil" it before using it in order to avoid rust. It never occurred to me that newly purchased mocha pots also need a similar "opening ceremony". Friends who have bought the mocha pot will know that there will be a conspicuous prompt on the instruction manual, which roughly means that the mocha pot needs to be "opened" three times before it can be put into normal use. This puzzles many friends. Mocha pots are mostly made of aluminum. Do they really need to be opened? Why don't you just wash it clean?

Is it necessary to boil the mocha pot? In fact, it is necessary! Because the mocha pot may carry uncleaned metal shavings and edible oil stains when it leaves the factory. Although we can remove most of the stains by cleaning, there are many corners of the mocha kettle that are difficult to clean. That's why you need to clean and open the pot to remove these stains completely. However, opening the kettle is also a very fastidious thing, so let's share with Qianjie today how the mocha pot should be opened correctly. By the way, before that, Qianjie needs to talk about cleaning. When we clean the mocha pot, we can wash it with clean water directly. Do not use the dishwasher, or put it in the pot to disinfect it for a long time. Because both of them will easily damage the coating of the mocha kettle, making it more likely to oxidize and mildew.

How to boil the mocha pot correctly? It's easy to open the pot, just follow the normal steps to make three pots of coffee, fill in water, fill powder, tighten, heat, pour out, pour out and wash (friends who want to know more can go to this article, "Guide to the use of nanny mocha pots"). Do this three times, and the mocha pot will be finished! But it must be noted that the coffee liquid poured out these three times may have stains, so you can't drink it! Be sure to dump it directly. In addition, there are some details that we need to pay attention to when using it. Let's take a look at it.

First, it is best not to use clear water to open the pot because the coffee brewed from the mocha pot is undrinkable, so many friends may want to reduce waste and directly use water to open the pot. But this can easily lead to burns!

After the coffee powder is filled into the powder trough of the mocha pot, it will form resistance and reduce the infiltration rate of hot water. So we can see that the coffee liquid comes out very slowly. But if the coffee powder is not used to open the pot, the hot water will rush out of the valve in one breath due to the lack of resistance and the strong push of the steam pressure, resulting in spray. At this time, the water temperature is boiling 100 °C, if there is no preparation, then it will be very easy to burn. So friends had better use some "Chen Dou" or beans that they don't like to do Italian style. In this way, the psychology of extravagance and waste can be reduced.

Second, the liquid can not be produced for a long time should stop heating when we add too much powder, or coffee powder is too fine grinding, pressed powder can be used for hot water through the gap greatly reduced, the resistance will be greatly increased. When the hot water does not seep out for a long time because of excessive resistance, it will cause the pressure to accumulate continuously in the pot.

When the pressure builds up to a certain extent, there is a risk of blowing up the pot. Therefore, when we are in the process of brewing coffee, there is no liquid for a long time, then we had better stop heating to avoid the occurrence of pot frying.

Clean and dry when we have finished using the mocha pot and cleaning it, we must remember to dry it first and then store it. Because it avoids the chance of oxidation of the mocha pot. And if we store the mocha pot while there is still water left, then there is a good chance that, like Qianjie, the color in the pot is very "beautiful".

And this is also very easy to solve ~ only need to use the lemons left in the above article to slice, and then wipe, these dirt and rust spots can be removed a lot (white vinegar is also OK, preferably diluted) ~ but in order to avoid tedious cleaning operation, we'd better dry the mocha pot and then store it.