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Shopkeeper complained: I bought a "parallel import" hot mom coffee machine (La Marzocco)

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, a coffee shop owner in Guangxi posted a post on social platforms saying that the hot mom PB coffee machine he purchased from a "coffee champion" he met had a "burst" accident during use. After verification, you can learn that the original coffee machine purchased originally

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Recently, a cafe owner in Guangxi posted on a social platform that the spicy mom PB coffee machine he bought from a "coffee champion" he knew had a "tank burst" in the course of use, but found out after verification that the coffee machine he bought turned out to be "parallel imports".

In order to safeguard his rights, the shopkeeper decided to make the whole story public and decided to sue the acquaintance who sold the coffee machine through legal means. Soon after, several notes entitled "after the explosion, the coffee champion said that the hot mom he sold to me was parallel imports" quickly spread throughout the coffee circle, causing a lot of heated discussion among his peers.

The story began on May 3, when the owner was extracting and concentrating, the hot mom coffee machine in the store suddenly made a loud "Bang" sound, and then the left side of the coffee machine began to spray water crazily, and the whole audience was dumbfounded, glad that the barista and the diners were all right with each other.

Subsequently, the shopkeeper applied for after-sale to the official distributor of La Marzocco in China, and at the same time asked the maintenance master for door-to-door inspection. The other side said that the high-frequency heating rod in the boiler of the coffee machine exploded, and the damage was very serious, but the coffee machine was only used for one year, and it was suspected to be a quality problem with the coffee machine.

On May 6th, after getting the new accessories from the factory, they also managed to fix the coffee machine, which was supposed to be over by now, but in the afternoon, the shopkeeper received a call from La Marzocco. Hot Mom's Chinese customer service asked it to show the red nameplate of the coffee machine and the serial number of the boiler. however, after inquiry, it was found that the machine could not be found in the system, that is, the owner's PB coffee machine was not a distribution product through official channels, but a "parallel import".

Baidu encyclopedia explained that parallel imports refer to products that are sold in a country or region without the sales agent designated by the original manufacturer. Parallel imports are generally characterized by not being able to enjoy the official after-sales maintenance guarantee policy, and parallel imports are not necessarily fake.

The opposite is the authentic product, which refers to the overseas goods sold by the designated sales agent or authorized dealer of the brand in a country or region, which can enjoy the corresponding after-sales service and quality assurance in the domestic market. As the authentic goods need to pay relevant taxes and fees, so the price is relatively high. In addition to coffee machine equipment, these two terms often appear in many electronic products on the market, such as mobile phones, cameras, computers and so on.

According to the store owner, the coffee machine was bought from a peer acquaintance at the beginning of last year. The original requirement was "authentic + brand new". The other party also explicitly promised that it was authentic, and the transaction price was about 3500 yuan cheaper than the same type of equipment in the official channel. The shopkeeper said that after receiving the new machine, he found that there was something wrong with the control panel above, and the steam boiler could not work properly, but because he was anxious to open a shop and lacked the knowledge in this respect, he asked the master for door-to-door maintenance after consultation with the other party. The quality of the equipment is not too much in mind.

Now, after multi-verification, it is found that the coffee machine sold to him by this friend is actually parallel imports, and he did not mention it at all during the transaction, believing that the other party was "deliberately concealing the facts of unofficial sales channels", so he chose to take the legal approach.

Subsequently, the shopkeeper also sent a lawyer letter and an indictment to the friend who sold the coffee machine through the law firm, demanding a refund of 77500 yuan within three days after receiving the letter. This morning, the shopkeeper posted again that he had reported to the police and reported to relevant departments such as industrial and commercial taxation, and was waiting for follow-up notice.

On the question of how to identify the spicy mom coffee machine as parallel imports or genuine goods, some industry insiders pointed out that in addition to red, other color nameplates are parallel imports. If the number on the nameplate is the old steel printing font is authentic, and the fake nameplate is printed by machine, it will be clearer than the genuine one.

In addition, every authentic spicy mom coffee machine has its serial number on the boiler, so if it is parallel imports, it cannot be queried in the La Marzocco mainland system through the serial number, but it can be queried in the original Italian system, unless the nameplate has been changed and the serial number has been changed.

Under the popular science and reminder of the equipment manufacturer, the shopkeeper also posted the nameplate of the coffee machine, as shown in the picture below.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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