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Stirring and "exploding", drinking Manner's new products is so embarrassing

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop "Manner, you... I'm so embarrassed","Yellow-skinned tonic American is a jet fighter","Manner Yellow-skinned American victim has appeared","New Yellow-skinned tonic American, don't order it! It will explode! "Recently, a large group of people calling themselves Manner New

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"Manner, you. I'm so embarrassed."

"Huangpi Tangli American style is Jet Warrior"Manner Yellowskin American style victim appears"New Huangpi Tangli American style point! it will explode!" Recently, a large number of netizens who call themselves "victims" of new Manner products have posted their "social death experiences" after buying coffee on social platforms. Whether they are customers with take-out cups or players who beat their own cups, the screen is full of foam gushing out as a mess.

The thing is, a few days ago, there were two new wampee flavor drinks in Manner stores across the country, namely Huangpi Tongli American drink with coffee and Huangpi Tangli drink with zero coffee, both priced at 15 yuan. According to official publicity, the two new products come with wampee juice and tonic sparkling water. Due to the special properties of sparkling drinks, Manner's tonic water coffee is also limited to Mini Program and go offline to order.

Due to the addition of bubble water, baristas need to add fruit juice, then pour bubble water before adding Italian concentrate to get the same good-looking coffee and layered visual effect as advertised coffee. At this time, the flavored concentrated fruit juice sank at the bottom, and the tonic water did not blend with the coffee liquid, so you have to stir before drinking it.

This is not a good thing, but unexpectedly "blew up" a group of victims. Why do you say "again"? In fact, Manner launched a sparkling coffee called dried Ginger American last year, and a large number of customers were intimidated by the "explosion" of Tangli Coffee.

As more and more people come to taste the fresh food, there are more and more victims in ordering Manner, a kind of Tang Li water coffee. When someone was covering the lid, one accidentally sprayed into Baotu Spring, and some people decided to drink it slowly after making coffee, but they "vomited" all the way, some clothes and bags were scrapped, some mice and keyboards suffered. It is really smiling one second and crying the next.

The reason for the overflow and spraying of this kind of drink is mainly because the soup will quickly produce a large number of bubbles and continue to emerge after hot concentration, and if it is stirred or shaken vigorously with a straw at this time, it will aggravate the expansion of the foam. When the cup mouth of the container used to make coffee is too small or insufficient, there will be spatter, which is the reason why people are frequently "blown up".

Of course, there are also many netizens who survived "being sprayed". For example, this exquisite friend came up with a "bomb-proof trick". He directly brought two cups, packed tonic water and coffee liquid separately, and featured a "as long as you are not in a hurry, this coffee will not reach me." There are also people who tactfully bring a super-large coffee cup, which can not only hold 16oz coffee properly, but also accommodate all the foam from stirring behind.

Perhaps because of the experience of frequently wiping the table, Manner baristas have to develop a set of skills for making sparkling coffee, first confirming the size of their own cup, and then pouring the concentrate gently. If it is too full, let the guest take a sip before continuing to pour. If the cup is too small, the barista will only pour half of the tonic water, and the rest will be taken back to the guests to drink and add.

Baristas, who are used to "big scenes", can only set up signs to remind customers who still insist on packing this American bubble style:

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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