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This will work! If you give the wrong straw, you can get a full refund?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Straw is one of the indispensable tableware for people who often drink drinks. Buying drinks with straws has become a matter of course. In order to allow customers to have a better experience, beverage stores will equip various styles of straws, such as for hot drinks.

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Straws can be said to be one of the indispensable tableware for people who often drink drinks, and buying drinks with straws has also become a matter of course. In order to enable customers to have a better experience, beverage stores will be equipped with various styles of straws, such as high-temperature resistant tubes for hot drinks, thick straws for small materials such as pearls, and so on.

However, when there are more kinds of straws, the shop assistant will inevitably take the wrong straw in the process of busy packing. Many consumers said that they had encountered the embarrassment of the shop assistant giving them the wrong straw. Recently, a customer encountered this situation.

The customer said that he placed an order to buy a Ruixing meteorite drink. After taking the drink, the customer walked 700 meters and returned to the same place. When he opened the bag, he found that the clerk had given a fine straw. This kind of straw can not absorb the meteorite material at the bottom of the cup at all, but can only be used to drink drinks.

The clerk's packing mistake made the customer a little angry, and immediately contacted Lucky customer service to report on his situation. In view of the fact that the customer can not drink normally due to the mistake of packing, the customer service will return the order in full after knowing the matter.

On the matter of giving wrong suction, most netizens think that it is a small negligence of the merchant in the packing process, so the businessman should give a solution when receiving the complaint. Some businesses will communicate with customers after learning the situation and ask the errands to send the correct straws to meet the customers' urgent needs. Some businesses compensate customers with coupons, which not only makes customers feel their sincerity, but also allows them to place orders again with coupons without losing a potential user.

And like Ruixing customer service, there are a small number of merchants who refund their orders in full to resolve such customer complaints. Although a refund is the most direct, fast, time-saving and labor-saving way, and it can also make customers feel the good service and sincere attitude of the merchants, in the eyes of some people, the merchants refund the whole order because of a wrong straw, and the price paid for this inadvertent mistake is a little high.

However, some people think that such a "simple and rough" solution is worried. Although it is essentially the fault of the business, will the full refund make some people notice the loopholes and find fault with the small mistakes of the merchants, thus giving rise to the next "allergic sister"?

In addition, although giving the wrong straw was an accidental mistake made by the merchant when packing drinks, in the view of some netizens, the way the customer spent more than ten minutes looking for customer service feedback was equivalent to "distant water" and could not save himself from the "near fire" of being unable to eat small ingredients.

Although I got a refund on the drink, I still can't eat the meteorite material in front of me. Therefore, with the customer less than a kilometer away from the store at that time, some people think that the customer might as well go back to the store to get a thick straw in order to meet his urgent needs. Or if you open it and check it when you pick up your own drink, you may be able to avoid this situation at all.

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