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The barista is in a dilemma! Ice or get a ticket?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop The weather is getting hotter, and iced drinks have gradually become the mainstream of sales in major beverage stores. However, not every customer can accept the "heart-piercing coolness" brought by iced drinks. Therefore, in summer, Whether the iced drinks can be removed from the ice has become the most important point for consumers. Recently,

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The weather is getting hot, ice drinks have gradually become the mainstream of sales in major beverage stores, but not every customer can accept the "cool" brought by ice drinks, so in summer, whether ice drinks can be de-iced or not has become the point that consumers care most about.

Recently, a customer ordered a Manner ice drink. It was stated in the note that only two ice cubes were needed. When he got it, he found that the temperature of the whole drink was still too low, which was not what the customer expected. So she went back to the bar and asked the clerk for help to remove the ice, but the clerk refused.

The clerk said that the ice drink needs to be made according to the standard ratio and cannot be de-iced. If they make a de-iced drink and happen to be caught by the monitor at the bar, the money will be deducted. The customer was so puzzled that it was so difficult to give a few pieces of ice to the drink.

Coincidentally, a customer who was spending at Starbucks asked the clerk to remove the ice, and the clerk repeatedly explained that the drink needed ice, and the drink could not be deiced as required, so it could not meet the customer's request.

As for "ice drink de-icing", many people think that it is understandable that the standard production of ice drink requires a lot of ice cubes, but it is difficult to adjust, and some customers just want to have less ice. Baristas can be slightly flexible in production, adding less ice as requested by guests, such as Lucky employees will provide several ice cubes service after seeing the guest comments to meet the needs of customers.

However, for ice drinks, the loss of ice will lead to the loss of soul, and the removal of ice may change the taste of the drink, resulting in complaints and poor reviews from some consumers. As a result, different companies treat ice differently.

For example, Manner employees revealed that they can only be made according to the drink formula, and the amount of ice can only be increased or decreased within the conditions allowed. If you violate the rules, you will be given a ticket. With three tickets, you can take off your apron and no longer have to go to work at Manner. So when they receive an order with the note "just two ice cubes", most Manner employees choose the former between making it as required to keep their wallets or being caught for illegal operations.

The same is true of Starbucks, drinks that need ice cubes to participate in the production process are unable to ice or less ice according to customer requirements. Employees said that if some ice drinks are de-iced or less ice as required by customers, on the one hand, it will affect the overall taste of the drinks, on the other hand, it is an illegal operation, and employees will be scolded if they are found to be scolded or fined.

In order to ensure the stability of product quality control, chain brands usually strictly regulate the proportion of staff operation and the use of materials, and there are certain requirements for the number of ice cubes. However, with the increase of consumers who put forward the requirements of less ice and de-icing, the brand will also make fine adjustments in the original ratio in order to meet the needs of consumers and ensure the taste of the drink at the same time.

However, in some products, the brand also has its own persistence. As the makers of all kinds of drinks, shop assistants can only follow the established plan when faced with some rigid requirements of production. After all, the best you can do if you don't follow the remarks is to be complained about by customers' bad reviews, but if you get caught making drinks illegally, you may lose your job.

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