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Coffee shops will not be punished for serving meals! Shanghai's new regulations liberalize catering restrictions!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Recently, Shanghai City announced the "Implementation Measures for the Management of Food Business Licensing and Filing in Shanghai City." The new regulations will be officially implemented from May 10, 2024. Changes in food business licenses are very important to the majority of catering practitioners, so they should

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Recently, Shanghai announced the measures for the Administration of Food Licensing and filing in Shanghai, and the new rules will come into effect on May 10, 2024. The change of food business license is very important to the majority of catering practitioners, so as soon as the relevant news is announced, it attracts public attention and discussion.

The new regulation cancels all second-level catalogue licensing projects and no longer issues licenses according to subdivided formats such as large supermarkets, small supermarkets and beverage stores, but adopts a broader division of the main format. At the same time, support the mixed operation of different formats.

This means that coffee, bars and other formats can be mixed in the same store; bookstores, clothing stores and other non-catering stores can also apply for homemade beverage business to sell all kinds of homemade drinks in the store.

Second, the new rules unlock the shackles of food management projects and adjust "existing sales" to "on-site production and sale". According to the new regulations, the business license of "making and selling on the spot" applies to all kinds of food sellers. At the same time, the 19 original business catalogue restrictions have been simplified to four types of business items: hot food, cold food, raw food and home-made drinks.

The process of food management projects will give operators greater autonomy. It is understood that after the implementation of the new rules, the snack brand Laifen labministore, which has obtained a new license, has sold ready-made bread, pastries and coffee and tea drinks to passers-by.

In addition, the new regulation removes the restriction that the use area of food production premises should be no less than 6 square meters, which can make some enterprises that have not been involved in catering for a long time because the layout of the store is not suitable.

A person in charge of sports brand Anta Shanghai admitted that it was difficult to find a complete production space of more than 6 square meters in the store according to the store layout. Due to restrictions, some Anta stores did not introduce coffee machines into their stores. Now that there are no venue restrictions, the person in charge immediately planned a coffee-making area in the store and said that if the attempt was successful, other stores might follow suit.

It is worth noting that the new rules also make relevant provisions on the controversial "slapping cucumbers". In the past, the production and sale of simple foods such as cucumbers and tea were subject to business site restrictions, and even if the process was simple, it was necessary to be equipped with a special operation room.

In the past, many catering practitioners were ignorant or lucky and sold patted cucumbers without qualifications. As a result, they were targeted by professional counterfeiters and were frequently maliciously reported and fined, so that "patting cucumbers" became a nightmare for diners.

In order to solve the troubles of catering practitioners, the new regulations stipulate that only special areas can be set up for simple production and sale of clapping cucumbers and making tea on the premise of ensuring food safety.

But everything has its pros and cons. In the view of some netizens, although the new rules remove many restrictions on the catering industry, convenience stores, clothing stores, stores and other non-catering places can all join across the border, but this may intensify the original fierce competition in the industry and bring a big "impact" to traditional catering enterprises. At the same time, some consumers have some concerns about food safety after the implementation of the new rules, thinking that the relaxation of restrictions on food production sites in the new rules may increase the risk of the production process and make it difficult to ensure food safety.

The introduction and implementation of the new regulations on catering management in Shanghai may bring market vitality to the catering industry and meet the consumption needs of the public in all aspects at any time, but it will take time to verify whether this favorable policy can work as expected.

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