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Being chased out if you don't consume?! Starbucks 'new policy suspects that they need to sit down and pay!

Published: 2024-05-20 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to pay attention| Unlike other chain brands, Starbucks has always emphasized its "third space", which provides consumers with space experience services. Consumers can study, work and socialize in Starbucks stores. In recent years, Starbucks '"third space"

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Unlike other chain brands, Starbucks has always emphasized its "third space", that is, to provide space experience services for consumers. Consumers can study, work and socialize in Starbucks stores. In recent years, Starbucks'"third Space" has been developed by consumers with new functions, such as the stronghold of go enthusiasts, the self-study room where parents accompany their children to do homework, and the chat room for uncles and aunts.

More and more people will choose to do their own things at Starbucks, but at the same time, the phenomenon of sitting down without spending is also increasing. Many netizens reported that some stores were full of non-consumer passers-by, while the real consumer members could not find a vacant seat in the store.

Perhaps Starbucks has taken seriously because of the increase in the number of such complaints. recently, some netizens posted that if there is no consumption in the store, they will be "politely persuaded to leave" by the clerk, changing the previous rule that "you can be seated even if you don't have to spend."

"A few days ago, I saw that it was OK not to spend, but in fact, I would drive people away, for example, I would keep asking you for an order." the netizen said that he only wanted to sit for a while, so he didn't spend any money. However, because the shop assistant "persuaded to order" every now and then, I dared not sit for a long time, so I had to get up and leave.

Another netizen reported that he had encountered a similar situation, saying that he had been told that Starbucks' latest rule is that guests need to order when they sit down. In the comment area, many netizens said that when they were seated without ordering, they would be "persuaded to order" by the shop assistant many times, and some netizens even said that they had been kicked out by the clerk at Starbucks.

A Starbucks employee revealed that recently, many stores across the country have begun to implement the new rule of "polite persuasion", requiring shop assistants to take the initiative to "persuade orders" when they find customers who are not spending money during outfield inspections.

Previously, Starbucks had no mandatory rules for seating and spending, so many passers-by who did not spend would enter the store to occupy seats. This not only makes consumers who need seats have no seats to sit, but also may affect other guests because of uncivilized behaviors such as mobile phones, one person occupying more than one person, and so on. Many members complained a lot about the current situation, and some people reflected it to the brand side through a questionnaire survey, but with little effect.

Therefore, supporters generally say that Starbucks, as a place of business, does not require consumers to "sit down" too much, and it can also dissuade some non-spending parties and improve the environment and service quality of its stores. so as to attract members who really want to spend into the store to buy, and increase store sales.

However, there are also many people who oppose Starbucks'"polite persuasion". In their view, if Starbucks, which uses the "third space" as its selling point, is driven out because of its customers' non-spending behavior, it may drive some potential users out of the door, bringing a negative impact on its brand image and not conducive to improving the performance of its stores.

Just when netizens expressed their views on this matter, the day before yesterday, a live reporter from Economic and Television contacted Starbucks customer service. Customer service told reporters that all Starbucks stores welcome customers to sit down regardless of whether they spend money or not. If you encounter "polite persuasion" in the store, you can give it feedback. In addition, the customer service also made it clear that it had not received any notice about "polite persuasion to leave" and had not heard of it.

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