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How to make Starbucks Ice Shock Espresso? Introduction to the practice of fancy iced coffee

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, Every summer, fancy iced coffee becomes a must-have topic. While surfing on Qianjie, I found that there is a fancy iced coffee with a high value that often appears on the replica list of friends. It is called "Ice Shock Concentrate" and comes from the familiar coffee brand Starbucks. Unlike previous fancy iced coffees, Starbucks ice

Every summer, fancy iced coffee becomes a topic that we have to talk about. When surfing in the front street, I found that a good-looking fancy iced coffee often appears on my friends' list. It is called "Bingzhen concentrate", which comes from the familiar coffee brand Starbucks.

Unlike previous fancy iced coffee, Starbucks Ice shock concentrate is made up of three layers that blend with each other, with dark brown espresso at the bottom, glittering cream in the middle and fluffy coffee foam at the top. The whole shape is so beautiful that people can't help but want to operate it. Before the high temperature warning comes, interested friends don't hurry to learn it.

Raw material preparation link

Looking through Starbucks' previous ads on the front street, we learned that the condensed composition of this ice shock is actually not complicated. First, on the basis of Italian concentration, add ice cubes and flavored syrup, shake and shake to provide the purest espresso with low-temperature aroma, and finally with cereal-rich oat milk to stimulate a new ice coffee taste.

In terms of coffee base, Qianjie still uses sunflower sunflower blending produced daily in the store, directly tasting concentrated oil can feel the aroma of vanilla and cocoa, the entrance is cream, fruit acid, and the flavor of fermented wine. When paired with milk to make lattes, Australian white, it will show the characteristics of vanilla biscuits, wine heart chocolate, the hierarchical feeling is very clear. The oatmeal milk part that Qianjie buys is the most common OATLY coffee master.

Need to be prepared before making: double espresso, plenty of ice cubes, 15 grams of flavored syrup (vanilla), 100 grams of frozen oatmeal milk, 1 snow pot, a transparent glass.

Reproduction production link

First add 180g ice cubes in the snow kettle, the specific amount you can refer to the actual volume of ice, about installed to the kettle body 400ml scale, because the ice used in front of the street is relatively large, here only holds 7.

First add 15 grams of vanilla syrup to the ice cubes, and then we begin to extract and concentrate.

According to the debugging parameters of the day, Qianjie used 20 grams of coffee powder to extract 36 grams of coffee liquid over the ice cubes in the snow pot in 27 seconds.

Then, immediately cover the kettle, shake it up and down vigorously. The purpose of this action is to "crash" more air into the Italian concentrated grease layer, expanding a rich group of foams, giving the coffee a more dense taste.

After shaking for about 1-2 minutes, make sure that the Italian concentrate, ice cubes and vanilla syrup are fully mixed and release a fluffy and slippery foam layer, and the cooled espresso can be poured into a prepared glass.

Finally, take out the oatmeal milk from the refrigerator and let it blend into the coffee liquid through the foam until the cup is eight minutes full.

Photo tasting session

Qianjie tasted the homemade version of ice shock concentrate. First, it felt the rich foam layer of vanilla flavor, which could not only capture the concentrated nuts, caramel and fermentation, but also drink the aroma of cereal. the bitterness of the coffee has been neutralized by the added oatmeal milk, and the syrup gives the coffee a hint of sweetness, leaving a touch of ice chocolate in the mouth. Under the action of ice, the whole cup of coffee is refreshing and mellow, so that people have the desire to drink, very greasy.

What kind of fancy coffee can be made with the practice of ice shock concentration?

In addition to being a fancy coffee drink on the Starbucks menu, we can also think of ice shock concentrate as a way to make iced coffee, so as long as we have the ingredients to make coffee tastier and properly handle the amount of each element, you can create the "exclusive ice shock concentrate" that best suits your own taste at any time.

For example, when we want to make a mini version of ice shock concentrate without losing the richness of coffee, consider replacing espresso with a higher concentration of ristretto and filling it with a small glass to reduce the proportion of oatmeal milk and make the coffee thicker. Similarly, syrup can be replaced by other flavors, such as sea salt caramel, mocha, toffee and so on.

In addition, if you don't like the taste of oatmeal milk, you can also use milk instead. However, in terms of shape, the "ice shock concentration" made in this way will actually be more like another model of ice latte, right?


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