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Shanghai coffee shops sell American style in oil drums! Netizen: Drink 5 liters and open your eyes until next week!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Today's consumers pay attention to cost-effectiveness when purchasing drinks, and working people hope to buy cheap and large quantities of "life-saving coffee." Therefore, coffee shop owners respond to customer needs and successively launch extra-large American cups, 1-liter American style, etc. But if

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At present, consumers will pay attention to performance-to-price ratio when buying drinks, and migrant workers hope to buy cheap "life coffee", so coffee shopkeepers comply with the needs of customers and successively launch super-large cups of American style, 1-liter American style, and so on.

However, if everyone in the office is working overtime and everyone has a demand for caffeine, even if it is a 1-liter American, you need to buy several cups to share it with everyone. Some people may think that if there is an American style that is close to the capacity of barreled water, you can buy a bucket to satisfy everyone's appetite.

A coffee shop owner heard the "call" of consumers and recently launched a 5-liter American model. It is understood that a total of 20 concentrates have been added to the American style, which sells for 49.9. Due to the full amount of caffeine, taking into account the caffeine intake of adults, it is not suitable for a single person to drink, more suitable for offices, parties and other occasions, many people to share the drink.

The store said that the reason for the launch of this super-large bucket American style is that some customers will buy several bottles of 1-liter American style in succession, and considering the needs of these people, the store has made this 5-liter American style. to provide consumers who need a lot of coffee with a more convenient choice.

Many netizens were surprised to see this vat of black coffee and did not expect that American style could be sold in vats like soy sauce. "when I was a child, I handcuffed soy sauce and coffee." Some people have also noticed that the price is calculated according to a large cup of American style for 500ml, this vat is equivalent to a fusion of 10 cups of American style, and the average share of one cup is only 4.99. "the price is good, 10 people can drink it," and "the ratio of performance to price".

In addition, in the view of some people, if you buy a bucket for team-building, friends, etc., you can share it among several people, which is a "good choice for everyone to have fun". Lone Rangers also believe that the 5-liter American style is not suitable for one person to drink all at once, but if you drink one drink a day for a week, it is much more cost-effective than 9.9 a day.

With the decline of consumption, "XL size coffee" has become more and more popular in recent years, and it is very popular among coffee consumers who pay attention to economy. Coffee shop owners to meet the needs of customers, gradually upgrade capacity, super cup, 1-liter, 1.5-liter package to the current 5-liter package, focusing on a "large quantity and low price" to provide guests with a variety of options.

At the same time, when a 5-liter American appears at the bar, the visual shock is enough to attract guests' attention, making people wonder whether they can finish it or whether it will cause waste, so as to bring attention to the store.

It is understood that after the launch of the product, many people have issued orders to buy, but according to the shop assistant, most of the current buyers choose takeout orders or errands, and few people come to the door to bring it up. Perhaps this "behemoth" barreled American style is so shocking and heavy that no one is carrying it down the street at present.

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