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No matter how low the price is, you can't sell coffee?! Starbucks is eager to go on hot searches

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop has become a hot topic since Starbucks implemented consumer seating. In the past week, netizens have debated this topic. Various verbal battles can often be seen on social platforms, and some people have started a "social experiment". Go to the store and deliberately sit down without consumption, wait and see.

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Since the introduction of consumer seats at Starbucks, netizens have debated the topic over the past week, with all kinds of verbal battles often seen on social platforms, and some people have conducted "social experiments" to deliberately avoid spending at the store. waiting to see if the clerk will come to him and ask for consumption.

In addition to the heated discussion, some people noticed that Starbucks not only bought seats and opened the door to welcome guests, but also made a lot of small moves.

Starbucks has been distributing a variety of coupons to its user accounts to encourage users to buy products. Recently, some users have found that Starbucks issues coupons frequently and the content of coupons has changed. From the previous "55.9 yuan three cups" and "45.9 yuan double cups" to "49.9 three cups" and "39.9 double cups", it can be said that the price of a single cup has dropped to less than 20 yuan, in sharp contrast to the original average price of 30 yuan.

The discount offered by the official studio surprised regular users. The actual price of the Frappuccino Cup was 12.84, which was less than half the original price of the product, so much so that netizens could not help feeling that Starbucks, which had previously made it clear that it had no intention of participating in the price war, had quietly joined the price war and rolled up discount coupons.

On the other hand, Starbucks opened the door to welcome customers, seated consumers, reduced prices, and tried every means to attract the public to come into the store to spend, so as to increase store revenue. In order to make ends meet, Starbucks has also taken corresponding measures internally.

Some job seekers on the social platform found that although there was a recruitment notice hanging on the official account of Starbucks, they found that the store was not hiring. Starbucks internal employees revealed that at present, Starbucks is recruiting more part-time staff, even if there are full-time employees leaving the store, there are vacancies, but also give priority to internal staff promotion, as far as possible to control labor costs.

Moreover, Starbucks employees say that business in some stores that rely on office buildings has been sluggish recently. So when it comes to the holidays, office workers do not go to work on holidays, and the stores downstairs are also closed in order to reduce the operating expenses of the stores.

All kinds of signs let the public see that it is difficult for Starbucks to maintain its high profile in the fierce industry competition. # Starbucks is also in a hurry. # was once a hot search today. In the view of most people, Starbucks has made all kinds of movements one after another, which is undoubtedly a sense of crisis under the pressure of fierce competition and has to make changes to meet the needs of the market.

However, for the majority of consumers, Starbucks can not win their favor with joint names, new products, price cuts and promotions, and the voice of complaining that "Starbucks coffee is expensive and unpalatable" persists for a long time. While the brand uses the way of consumption to maintain the advantage of the "third space", in the view of many people, it may also be difficult to change the status quo of "coffee can not be sold".

Perhaps, surrounded by domestic coffee chains, Starbucks will be worried about store sales for a long time.

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