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Straight out the faucet! The destination of boutique coffee is actually pre-made dishes??

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop For some friends who can't cook, prefabricated dishes are a blessing for them, allowing them to have a bite of warm food at home. However, the taste of prepared dishes is always lacking, and gourmets who understand delicious food prefer to cook them right away. The same goes for coffee. although

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For some friends who can't cook, prepared food is their blessing, allowing themselves to have a mouthful of warm food at home. However, the taste of prepared dishes is always lacking, and foodies who know good food prefer to cook it fresh.

The same is true of coffee. Although there are coffee liquid, freeze-dried powder and other "prefabricated dishes" that allow people to drink coffee quickly, most coffee lovers still prefer freshly ground coffee if they want to better feel the flavor of coffee.

Recently, a boutique coffee shop located in a park did not play the sign of "grinding and making", but bought premade coffee instead. Instead of putting a standard espresso machine on the bar like most independent coffee shops, there are four faucets. After the guest orders, the clerk will put the cup under the faucet to pick up coffee liquid, milk, hot water and so on. Guests only need to wait a little to get the American or milk coffee they want.

It is understood that the coffee in the store is first ground and extracted with a Swiss EVERSYS coffee machine at least 12 hours in advance, and then preserved in vacuum after oxygen injection to "soften and ripen". The pretreated coffee liquid is then mixed with compressed air twice through the Linkbar Single Touch head in a few seconds, so that the Italian concentrate not only has fresh "cream", but also ensures a more smooth and dense taste.

According to the shopkeeper, after the step of "softening and ripening", the coffee liquid will reduce its astringency, and even ordinary people who have not had much coffee can drink it and fall in love with this drink. And the quality control of the pretreated coffee liquid is stable, which can ensure the quality of the product, so that consumers can get a good cup of coffee without waiting too much.

Since the shopkeeper was once the runner-up in the Philharmonic contest, he brought his own popularity, and the first coffee shop was so different that he could not help arousing the curiosity of enthusiasts and going to the store to find out. But perhaps because the new store has just opened and there are too many people arriving, many people report that the number of seats provided in the store is insufficient and they need to sit and drink in the outdoor park promenade. The overall service experience of the store is not in line with the psychological expectations of some customers.

But for coffee lovers, whether the coffee is good or not is more important than the store environment. Combo, the sign of the store, has become a sign-in option for many people. After comparison, some people think that the American flavor is outstanding, while others think that milk coffee is sweet and easier to taste. It can only be said that "radish and green vegetables, each has his own love", it is difficult to judge.

More people pay attention to the production of "cooked coffee". The pre-extracted and pretreated coffee liquid is similar to the prepared dish, but contrary to the traditional impression that the prepared dish tastes bad, this cup of premade high-quality coffee may be more in line with the taste of ordinary people. it also meets the needs of consumers who want to get drinks more quickly.

It is true that grinding now can better highlight the flavor of coffee, but under the influence of the faster pace of life and work, consumers will have higher requirements for production efficiency and quality. The store's attempt is to meet the needs of some people, but also let people understand that coffee produced faster than chain brands is actually not bad.

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