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Pay tuition to become a coffee shop owner? Entrepreneurship needs to be vigilant!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Coffee Shop Manager in public perception usually refers to the store owner or store partner, and in most cases, he is also one of the investors of the store. However, recently, a coffee shop issued a notice saying,"No funds are needed to become a coffee shop

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Coffee shop manager in the public perception usually refers to the shop owner or store partner, and in most cases is also one of the investors of the store.

Recently, however, a coffee shop issued a notice saying that "No money is needed to become the owner of a coffee shop" is really eye-catching, but it also makes people wonder why investors still pay people to be coffee shop owners these days.

If you take a closer look at the rights and interests of the person in charge of the notice, the so-called "no money" is not completely free. If you want to be the manager of this cafe, candidates need to pay a registration fee for systematic study of coffee-related courses. After becoming the manager, as long as you meet the requirements of the store, you can continue to be the manager for free the following year, otherwise you will have to pay another fee to continue your status as the "manager".

In addition, the store will provide all kinds of generous benefits to the manager. The manager can also give himself 50% of the daily turnover of the store. From this point of view, as long as you pay a registration fee, you can learn the skills of coffee making, get an SCA certificate, and become the coffee manager of your dreams and manage a store.

Just looking at the content, when the person in charge seems to be able to take many detours, all aspects of the conditions are also very good. But on second thought, some netizens found that this is actually to beat workers to "pay to go to work" and "to pay tuition fees to learn coffee." giving you a false name to work for him "is equivalent to spending money as a salesman" and "you have to pay out of your own pocket when you see a part-time job for the first time."

It has been pointed out that this advertisement is ostensibly looking for a partner in a coffee shop and inviting people to start a business together with generous benefits, but it is actually looking for free workers. Some coffee shop owners say that like the "50% commission on sales" sounds good, but at present, the daily turnover of some stores may be less than 100 yuan, so if this happens in actual business, the commission given to the manager may not even be enough for a day's meal.

In recent years, with the rise of the coffee industry, more and more consumers pay for coffee. Many young people see the hot scene in the industry and want to break into this field that they do not know.

Some people have noticed that these entrepreneurs who want to go to the city to have a glimpse of the scenery of the city, draw an overly beautiful blueprint with all kinds of benefits and generous remuneration, and add a little embellishment to their beautiful coffee dream. tempt the inexperienced to jump into the trap of being packaged and bought.

If an inexperienced entrepreneur is not careful, he will be fascinated by these "sugar-coated shells" and pay tuition fees and take shares in order to become the owner of the cafe. Looking back, I found that this kind of low-cost entrepreneurial advertising is a hole dug one by one, waiting for people to jump, and the so-called investors are watching themselves on the side.

Therefore, the partners who want to own a coffee shop should not just focus on the heart when facing these hype business plans, but should be a little vigilant, after all, it is not necessarily the so-called opportunities that come to the door.

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