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Fudge candy and add water to make an Internet celebrity drink, which is so popular that Haidilao and Shanghai aunts compete to imitate it?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop In summer, bubbly water that tastes fresh and cool has become one of the popular drinks in beverage shops. The most popular bubbly water in recent times is one called "Swimming Burger Bubble Water". This drink is simple to make and the ingredients are easily available. Jiang Supermarket

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In summer, refreshing and cool sparkling water has become one of the most popular drinks in beverage shops, and the most popular kind of sparkling water recently is called swimming hamburger bubble water.

This drink is easy to make and easy to get. Put the supermarket burger marshmallows and ice cubes in a transparent glass and fill them with sparkling water to get a smart and interesting "swimming hamburger". This popular summer drink is ready.

It is understood that the original appearance of this glass of sparkling water should be a special cocktail of a bar, using special transparent liquor instead of sparkling water, and the sparkling water version of the swimming hamburger did not appear until it became popular on social media.

Inspired beverage shop owners replaced hamburger soft, resulting in various versions of "swimming bear bubble water" and "swimming goldfish bubble water", while some shopkeepers replaced transparent bubble water with drinks of other flavors and colors, creating dreamy and magnificent visual effects and attracting young people who love to take pictures to sign in.

As for the price of the drink, due to the different prices in different places, the price of this cup of beverage varies in different places, ranging from ten to thirty yuan.

For some frugal netizens, this bubble water drink can be obtained in a more cost-effective way. For example, before going to the bottom of the sea to eat hot pot, buy a bag of hamburger fudge, fill some ice cubes in Haidilao's packing cup, add fudge and Sprite in turn, shake after sealing the bottle, and the hamburger will swim happily in the cup.

Many people can follow suit after learning that they can reproduce "swimming hamburger bubble water" in a low-cost way, and all kinds of "Haidilao DIY hamburger bubble water" posts can be seen on social platforms. Other brands, such as aunts in Shanghai and the whole family, followed after learning about the trend and took the initiative to share the recipe, which will attract the attention of many people, and messages such as "on the menu" have appeared.

However, the fudge added to the bubble water will not dissolve, nor will it change the taste of the bubble water itself. in the eyes of some people, this drink is similar to the previous "lollipop ice water", capturing the hearts of young people with a sober appearance and taking pictures when they feel funny and good-looking.

Perhaps for many young people, the taste of the drink is no longer important, they are more concerned about whether the drink can attract the attention of others and whether they can get a moment of happiness through it. So when an ordinary and simple drink can bring emotional value to them, even if the performance-to-price ratio is not high, it is enough to make them willing to spend money on current popular items.

As soon as sharp merchants caught the current traffic code, they followed suit, and the ubiquitous hamburger fudge floated in the sparkling water of beverage stores across the country, allowing other members of the fudge family to join the swimming party. However, maybe the hamburger swimming hard will be replaced by the next new drink before summer is over.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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