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Surprise! Starbucks 'first store in Guangzhou is about to close!!!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Recently, some netizens posted on social platforms that Guangzhou's first Starbucks will close at the end of this month. Located next to the Garden Hotel, this store with two floors of wide space and huge floor-to-ceiling glass opened in 2003 and has been integrated with Guangzhou's Starbucks.

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Recently, some netizens posted on the social platform that the first Starbucks in Guangzhou will close at the end of this month. The store, with two floors of spacious space and huge floor-to-ceiling glass, next to the Garden Hotel, opened in 2003 and has spent 21 years with Starbucks users in Guangzhou.

It is understood that this store was the first 24-hour Starbucks store in Guangzhou before the epidemic and had received many consumers in the middle of the night. Later, due to the business adjustment of the store due to the epidemic, the business hours were changed and the business was no longer operated 24 hours a day.

When they learned that the store was about to close, netizens who had left many memories in the store left messages one after another, "A good place to study at the end of college." "the place where my husband and I had our first date more than ten years ago", "I like the seat by the window very much" and "there used to be people coming and going at three o'clock at night."

The residents nearby are even more saddened. The first cup of coffee in memory, the aroma of coffee on the way to and from school, the lollipop rewarded to children. This store quietly exists in the memories of many people, becoming a coffee shop with a special meaning in the story of ordinary people.

Perhaps it is because of the subway construction project that has lasted for many years at the entrance, the passenger flow of the stores has been affected to a certain extent, and many stores along the road have also closed or changed their addresses because of the noise, smoke, and other troubles caused by the construction of the project. so many people speculate that the Starbucks store has to close for these reasons.

However, while Starbucks keeps opening and expanding its territory this year, it has also closed a number of stores. According to data provided by narrow door Dinner Eye, Starbucks currently has 7891 stores, with 198 opening and 59 closures from January to April, including old stores that have been in operation for more than a decade.

In mid-May, Starbucks Shenyang Vientiane City, which has been operating for 13 years, closed its stores, and many locals were touched by the news. Regular users who had good memories with the store on the eve of closing came to the store spontaneously to commemorate the veteran store that had existed since the mall opened and to record the final appearance of the store.

The Starbucks store at the Lishan Hotel in Central, Hong Kong, recently announced that it would close on the 9th of this month. The store is quiet and has many locations. On weekdays, many customers can be seen learning to read and process documents in the store. If the store is closed, some people will lose a public study room suitable for study and work.

For brands, a store that has been operating for many years will accumulate a rich source of customers, some of which are of special significance to the local area, but when the contract expires, rents rise, the surrounding environment is not suitable, and other factors, appropriate abandonment of some old stores may help Starbucks adjust the market layout and obtain better store revenue.

For regular users, some of the old stores have long been closely linked with their memories. They can remember what the store looked like when it opened, and they can count how many times the store has been renovated and restructured, so when the old store full of stories is about to go out of business, reluctance and nostalgia emerge.

However, the first store in Guangzhou may not be the first store that Starbucks has closed for more than 20 years, but it may not be the last.

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