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Introduction to Abu Manor, the Poquet coffee producing area of Panama

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Panama coffee has a high reputation in the global coffee market, especially the rose summer varieties. In 2005, through the Best Panama (BOP) competition and auction, Rose Summer stood out with its excellent flavor and results, and since then the Rose Summer variety has become famous. Panama is located in the south of Central America

Panamanian coffee is well known in the global coffee market, especially the rose summer variety. Rosa rose rose to fame because of its excellent flavor and results through the Best Panama (BOP) competition and auction in 2005.

Panama Panama

Panama is located in the south of Central America, with an S-shaped territory connecting Costa Rica and Colombia, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, because its territory connects North and South America.

Panama has undulating terrain and vertical valleys. Apart from the plains along the coast, it is mostly mountainous, and it is rich in forest and river resources, as well as a number of volcanoes, giving coffee trees ideal conditions for planting.

Panama is close to the equator and has a tropical maritime climate. It is humid during the day and cool at night. The annual average temperature is between 23 ℃ and 27 ℃, and the annual average rainfall is 1500-2500 mm. Under the influence of geographical environment, Panama has a complex and changeable microclimate. The environment from east to west allows cold air to flow through the Central Mountains and converge at more than 1900 meters, thus forming a very unique microclimate in the Boquete and Volc á n Candela areas, and the land around this area is rich in volcanic ash. These fertile soils provide perfect conditions for the growth of coffee. Making it a major producer of Panamanian coffee.

Poquet Boquete

The main coffee producing areas are Boquete, Volcan-Candela and Renacimiento, which are all located around the country's three volcanoes: Balu Volc á n Baru, Erbaye El Valle and Rajaguada Le Yeguada.

Pokuit can be said to be the most famous coffee producing area in Panama, because it has many well-known estates, such as Emerald Manor, Duncan Manor and Arida Manor, as well as many up-and-coming estates such as Abu Manor in recent years.

Its main Bokui special area has excellent coffee growing conditions, coffee is grown in the area of 1200-2000 meters above sea level, where the temperature is between 11 ℃-27 ℃, it will not be too cold or too hot, while the large temperature difference can make the coffee fruit grow slowly and develop flavor, moderate rainfall, fertile volcanic soil, plenty of sunshine and special local microclimate, so that the producing area can produce high-quality coffee.

Abou Manor Abu coffee

Abu Manor is located on the southern hillside of Mount Baru Volcano National Park, which is a typical tropical rain forest microclimate with fertile and deep soil, rich in organic matter and excellent drainage effect. Abou Manor averages 1550 meters above sea level, and coffee is grown in the shade of trees. The owner of the manor has great respect for the environment and biodiversity, and Abu Manor has a unique geographical location, the sun can often shine on the entire estate, with plenty of sunlight, coupled with the unique local climate, make the cherries grown here develop rich flavor during the ripening process.

The name of Abou Manor is in honor of the owner's grandfather, Jos é Guillermo Luttrell Tedman, and "Abu" is the Spanish acronym for "grandfather". The current owner Jos é Luttrell continues the family's dream of growing high-quality coffee. The estate only participated in the BOP competition for the first time in 2017 and won the sixth place. At present, the manor is mainly planted in Rosa, as well as Kaddura, Kaduai and other varieties.

At present, sun-treated Kaddura coffee beans from Abu Manor have been purchased on Qianjie Street, and cup tests have been carried out. The aromas are slightly fermented, grape, red wine and spices, and the entrance will have chocolate, black grape, cherry and nutty flavors.