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Introduction to Dark Moon Manor, 2024 Best Panama BOP Multi-Variety Champion

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, Panama coffee has a high reputation in the global coffee market. In addition to having the well-known rose summer varieties, it is also inseparable from the Panama Specialty Coffee Association (SCAP), which designed and organized BOP (Best Of Panama). Known as the best Panama). in 1

Panamanian coffee is well known in the global coffee market. In addition to having a well-known rose summer variety, Panamanian Coffee Association (SCAP) is also inseparable from the Panamanian Coffee Association (SCAP), which designed and organized BOP (Best Of Panama is also known as the Best Panama).

Since the launch of the first BOP in 1996, high-quality coffee has been sold every year, and then sold at high prices at auctions, making Panamanian producers have more contact with the international community and become famous. In 2005, the rose summer stood out with its excellent flavor and achievements, and the rose summer variety has become famous ever since.

In addition to the rose summer varieties, other coffee varieties are actually grown locally in Panama. And in BOP, there are other non-rose summer variety competitions, called multi-variety group (Varietals).

Recently, Panama hosted the 28th Best Panama Competition (BOP) in 2024, which was divided into three categories: Washed Geisha, Natural Geisha and Varietals.

Rinse Rosesia group (Washed Geisha)

Sun roses summer group (Natural Geisha)

Multi-variety group (Varietals)

In this year's multi-variety group, the winner with a score of 94.1 was the Chiroso variety from Black Moon Farm.

It is understood that Dark Moon Manor is located in the Boquete producing area of Chiriqu í province, where coffee is grown at an altitude of 1200-2000 meters, where the temperature is between 11 ℃-27 ℃ and will not be too cold or too hot. At the same time, a large temperature difference can make the coffee fruit grow slowly and develop flavor, appropriate rainfall, fertile volcanic soil, sufficient sunlight and local special microclimate. So that the producing area can produce high-quality coffee.

Pokuit is arguably the most famous coffee producing area in Panama, because some well-known estates, such as Emerald Manor, Duncan Manor and Arida Manor, are located in the Pokuit region.

Dark Moon Manor (Black Moon Farm)

Dark Moon Manor has begun to come into view in recent years. It used to be an estate for growing vegetables, but perennial crop farming has led to the loss of soil nutrients.

After that, the estate was taken over by Hunter Tedman, president of the current Panamanian boutique coffee association (SCAP), and Hunter wants to turn the estate into a coffee plantation and reshape the ecological environment of the land through the use of bio-friendly and other ways.

In 2018, Hunter planted his first coffee tree on the estate and began to cultivate more than 4000 different kinds of plants, some of which were planted specifically to provide shade for the growth of coffee trees, others to enrich the soil, to restore nutrients to the soil in a natural way, and to provide food for animals to help plants pollinate.

Although it has been planted for a short time and belongs to the New Life Coffee Farm, it soon made its name in BOP, taking part in the BOP competition in the first batch of rose harvested in 2022 and ranked 9th in the sun roses group and 11th in the water-washed roses group.

In addition, the planted variety Chiroso won the second place in the multi-variety group in 2022 and won the first place this year. It can be said that Mr. Hunter Tedman saved the estate through his excellent agricultural technology and promoted the development of coffee variety diversity in Panama.