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Starbucks is working! The user's stars are out!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop The day before yesterday, the Starbucks App completed a comprehensive upgrade. The classic mermaid logo has a conspicuous star, and the diamond star rating has officially appeared in the membership system. After the update, loyal users will complete their membership level upgrades at the prompt of the system, and at the same time

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The day before yesterday, Starbucks App completed a comprehensive upgrade, the classic mermaid logo has a conspicuous star, diamond star also officially appeared in the membership system. After the update, loyal users completed their membership upgrade at the prompt of the system, and found a time-limited activity of "Star Lottery" in the App interface.

Each Starbucks member can trade the existing stars for a lucky draw. If you put in one star, you can draw a prize, with a maximum reward of 888 stars. Even if you don't get the highest prize, other levels of awards are different in number of stars.

In Starbucks' membership system, the stars saved by users can be used to raise cups, exchange discount coupons, and exchange free drinks and cakes. If a lucky winner wins the highest prize, according to 9 stars for a medium cup of drink, 888 stars can be exchanged for 98 cups of coffee!

Invest one star in exchange for 98 cups of free coffee, which is considered by many to be a pretty good deal. Seeing the winning pictures posted by many lucky people on the social platform, regular users with stars on hand were fascinated and invested their inventory with the idea of "fighting for bicycles into motorcycles." look forward to winning a lottery and getting a huge sum of "star money".

However, some participants found that not only did they fail to win large sums of money, but they also had fewer and fewer stars on hand. A small number of users in the lottery even emptied their inventory directly, and all the stars that had been accumulated for a long time were used for the lucky draw, but they could not get back the reward they wanted.

According to the detailed rules of the activity, the odds of winning the first prize, the second prize, the third prize and the fourth prize are 0.01%, 0.11%, 1% and 90.88%, respectively, and the probability of winning nothing is 8%. In other words, it is very difficult to win the lottery immediately. It is the real situation for most users to get 0.8 stars or no reward for one star.

It is worth mentioning that even if the user is lucky to win the prize, the award star won by the user will only be valid for two weeks and will be cleared by the system after the expiration date. Some people think that they use a long-term star to participate in the activity, only to get back 0.8 stars that expire for two weeks, which is "too bad" and complain that the activity is a "star recycling program."

However, some people say that the lottery is a thrill, and naturally there are gains and losses. So even if the bike is not exchanged for a motorcycle and turns into air, it is only reasonable.

Only some people pointed out that Starbucks should state the probability of winning the prize, the period of validity of the award and other important contents prominently on the event interface to remind participants to participate rationally.

In addition, users reported that after they accidentally ran into the active interface, the system automatically deducted the stars to participate in the lottery, giving no time to refuse at all. Therefore, it is suggested that the brand should improve the lottery interface to prevent some users who have no intention to participate in losing their accumulated stars due to mistouch.

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