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Urgently clear account content! Manner issued an apology!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory's two-day "conflict drama" between Manner's shop assistants and customers finally made new progress at around 9 o'clock last night. Manner's official Weibo account officially issued a statement apologizing for the three recent incidents. The brand said that this time

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The "conflict series" between Manner clerks and customers for two consecutive days finally made new progress after nine o'clock last night. Manner's official Weibo issued an official statement apologizing for the three recent incidents. The brand said that this incident violates the original intention of Manner service and will re-examine itself, actively rectify and adjust, and promise to rectify the content.

But angry netizens did not buy the statement.

"you fired someone to pacify?" "have you apologized to the boy shop assistant who was beaten?" Such messages for the clerk flooded the comment area. Some netizens moved to Manner's two official Douyin accounts to make a large number of comments.

However, BlueKing News found that the contents of Manner's two official accounts on Douyin had been emptied, and there was no previous comments from netizens denouncing the clerk and accusing the brand of insufficient protection for employees.

According to Phoenix New Media's Storm Eye, in order to keep a full attendance of 1000 yuan, Manner employees often go to work without breakfast and work eight hours continuously, coupled with the daily workload of far more than one person, which makes them physically and mentally exhausted and overwhelmed in the long run.

As for the 8000 high salary shown by the recruitment platform for Manner baristas, many former employees said in an interview with the media that they need to pass an internal promotion assessment before they can get it.

However, employees revealed that "only 5% of people who have worked for more than half a year can pass the examination." Therefore, before passing the assessment, the actual hand salary of most employees is basically around 5000, while the brand side will also deduct working hours, overtime pay, etc., so that employees can pay more work but do not get the due reward.

In an interview with Southern Weekly, industry insiders believe that the difference between Manner and other chain brands is that baristas use semi-automatic coffee machines. "it may be the only one that is still using semi-automatic coffee machines in more than a thousand stores in the industry."

So if a coffee shop using a semi-automatic coffee machine is required to produce 300 to 500 cups a day, the barista is like a factory screwing, boring and easy to get tired.

However, with the increase in the number of stores, the problem of manpower shortage has also been exposed. Brands have shared the workload of baristas by recruiting more part-time jobs, but untrained part-time workers can do most of the auxiliary work such as ordering and packing, and are not allowed to make drinks. Therefore, although recruiting part-time jobs can reduce part of the workload of baristas during peak hours, it is always a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure, and the burden on baristas still exists.

In the coffee market with high efficiency and low price, Manner not only wants to respond to market demand and improve efficiency, but also wants to maintain the tone of "boutique coffee", but also wants to reduce costs and increase profits. Such an idea has become a breathless work pressure on front-line employees, forcing them to vent their unbearability in such a radical way.

These three conflicts are undoubtedly a reminder to Manner that it is necessary to find a balance between the speed of expansion, personnel efficiency and service quality when meeting their own "both needs and needs", so as to avoid the negative impact on the brand.

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