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Can I add other ingredients to make espresso? Can espresso and osmanthus be extracted together?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, Some special coffee products always need to add additional ingredients to enhance the aroma in order to gain more layers. Therefore, in order to allow the aroma of these ingredients to be integrated into the coffee more naturally, the coffee maker will add the ingredients before the extraction begins and extract them together with the coffee. (Exaggeration, don't learn!

Some special coffee products always need to add extra ingredients to enhance the aroma in order to get more layering. Therefore, in order to make the aroma of these ingredients more naturally integrated into the coffee, the coffee maker will add the ingredients and extract with the coffee before the extraction begins. Exaggeration, don't learn! )

For example, before espresso extraction, sprinkle sweet-scented osmanthus on pressed powder to make the extracted concentrate have the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus; or add granulated sugar to the coffee powder to make the extracted concentrate have a more natural sweetness; or before the coffee powder is poured into the powder bowl, add a piece of butter to make the extracted coffee combine better with the butter. But I believe we all know that ideals are always beautiful. Can this really make coffee and ingredients blend better? Might as well from the front street to do an experiment, let us see this more intuitively.

The purpose of the extraction experiment is very simple. Some friends think that if the ingredients are extracted with coffee, the taste will be more natural than that made separately. So our experiment is to compare what kind of difference there will be between the two, and whether the mixed extraction will be better than the separate flavor as expected. The Italian bean used in this time is warm Yang mixture, 20g, powder-liquid ratio 1:2, grinding to Galileo Q18 1 scale, extraction time 30 seconds, target liquid weight 38ml. The ingredients to be added are: sugar, 5g! (because the production of granulated sugar will be more intuitive and less troublesome to clean.) after the introduction, we add a portion of granulated sugar to the coffee powder that is about to be pressed into pressed powder, and then fill it.

The other is to add it directly to the coffee cup and wait for it to blend with the espresso liquid. Then buckle the two handles on the coffee machine in turn to extract.

At the end of the extraction, the concentrated extraction time without sugar was perfectly within the set parameters of 30 seconds. Then we take out a spoon and mix the coffee with sugar and taste it immediately. Then Qianjie found that there was no sudden feeling, and the sweetness of sugar blended with the smell of whisky and butter cookies, with a touch of toffee. The espresso extracted with granulated sugar did not perform so well, and it took less than 20 seconds to extract the 38ml liquid weight. The taste not only does not achieve the desired effect, but also has the negative performance of uneven extraction such as acidity and bitterness. Taste between each do their own job, each side, there is no integration!

Why did this happen? Very simple, because of the channel effect! Qianjie has previously done experiments on adding butter and coffee to extract, but whether it is butter or granulated sugar, these water-soluble substances will dissolve when they come into contact with water. And if they happen to be one of the members of pressed powder at this time, then after they dissolve, the structure of pressed powder will be destroyed, and everywhere is full of potholes left after dissolution. And these potholes are the so-called passages, because their appearance will make the water concentrate and flow to these places! Second, the structurally damaged pressed powder can no longer withstand high-pressure extraction, so there is no way to slow down the infiltration rate of hot water. So in the process of extraction, we can see that the coffee liquid is permeated by the effect of spatter! The target liquid weight was extracted in a short time, which shows that hot water does not have sufficient extraction time, and the extraction efficiency is not high. Therefore, except for the concentrated extraction of channel coffee powder, other places are not fully extracted coffee powder.

Of course, not even foods (such as flowers) that cannot be dissolved. Because the size and density of these ingredients are not consistent with coffee powder. It will still make the extraction produce many channels for convenient flow of water supply, and then the phenomenon of uneven extraction will occur. Therefore, Qianjie suggests that if you want to add a unique flavor to the coffee, it is best to extract and concentrate it first, and then make it by adding it separately. This way is the most conservative and the best.