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Introduction to Nugo Estate, No. 3 in the Best Panama BOP Rose Summer Washing Group in 2024

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, When it comes to rose summer, many people will think of Panama. However, in the past, rose summer varieties were not popular with farmers because they were too fragile, cumbersome to plant and required long-term care. Until 2005, Jade Manor used rose summer varieties to participate in the Best Panama (BOP) competition and auction, winning first place with excellent results, and also making

Speaking of rose summer, many people think of BOP, but in the past, rose varieties were not liked by farmers because they were too fragile, cumbersome to grow and needed long-term care, until 2005, when Emerald Manor used rose varieties to participate in the best Panama (Panama) competitions and auctions and won the first place with excellent results, which also made Rosa varieties famous in the coffee industry.

Panama Panama

Panama is located in the south of Central America, bordered by Colombia in the east and Costa Rica in the west. Its territory is S-shaped connecting North and South America. The terrain of the country is undulating, except for the plains in the north and south coastal areas, the rest are mostly mountainous areas.

Panama is near the equator, with a tropical maritime climate, humid during the day and cool at night, with an annual average temperature of 23-27 °C, drought and rain in two seasons, and an average annual rainfall of 1500-2500 mm. Panama has many volcanoes, rich forest and river resources, as well as a unique microclimate, making it ideal for growing crops such as coffee.

Coffee producing area

Coffee producing areas are mainly divided into Boquete, Volcan-Candela and Renacimiento. These producing areas are located in the western part of the country and are surrounded by three volcanoes, the Balu Volc á n Baru, the Erbaye volcano El Valle and the Rajaguada Le Yeguada.

Renacimiento: Pokuet and Walken are arguably the best-known coffee producing areas in Panama because there are many well-known estates in the region. Because of its remote location, it is difficult to access. The producing area is located in the most marginal area of Panama, bordering Costa Rica, and is planted at an altitude of 1100-1500 meters. However, due to the remoteness of the location, the processing and transportation infrastructure has been reduced, so Renento is not as well known as the Poquet and Walken producing areas. But in recent years, Reinento has also had a number of estates on BOP and achieved good results, such as Finca Nuguo, owned by the Gallardo family.

Nugo Manor (Finca Nuguo)

Located in the Jurutungo region of Ramiento, Nougo Manor is located near La Amistad National Company La Amistad International Park, the largest natural rainforest reserve in Central America. With an area of only 5 hectares, there are many different kinds of birds in Nugo Manor because of its proximity to the rainforest reserve, so it is named "nuguo", which means "bird" in Spanish.

Since the 1970s, the Gallardo family Jose é Manuel Gallardo Sr. Today, his son Jos é Manuel Gallardo Arauz (Pocho), who began to manage coffee farms in Panama, has inherited his father's mantle and runs five coffee farms owned by the family, the most famous of which is Finca Nuguo.

The Gallardo family farm grew Typica, Kaddura Caturra and Kaduai Catuai coffee varieties at low elevations until 2006, when the potential of Nugo manor and the success of growing the rose Geisha variety were discovered, so the rose summer variety was cultivated.

In the Ramento producing area, the location and environment are very challenging to the manor. the producing area has low temperature, strong wind, high humidity and high rainfall at night. therefore, Nugo Manor is very strict in controlling humidity and temperature in coffee treatment. in order to produce high-quality coffee.

Nugo Manor has been participating in BOP competitions since 2015, winning the BOP variety category in 2016, and most famously in 2021, it won the championship of the Rose Summer Sunshine Group and the runner-up of the Rose Summer Water washing Group, and became the top bidder in 2021, with a price of as much as $2568 per pound. However, production was severely reduced in 2022 and did not participate in the BOP competition. Later, it returned to public view in 2023 and won 13th place in the Rose Summer Sunshine Group, while it won third place in the Rose Summer Water washing Group in 2024.