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KFC Coffee Sugar Ball officially retired from the historical stage!!!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop goes to KFC to order a breakfast set meal. When people who are afraid of bitterness see ice American style, most people will ask the clerk for a few creamer balls and sugar balls to mix the bitter coffee into a satisfying taste. However, some consumers have recently discovered that it appears with ice American style

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When you go to KFC to order a breakfast set meal, most people will ask the clerk for some cream balls and sugar balls when they see iced American coffee, and mix the bitter coffee to their own satisfaction.

Recently, however, some consumers have found that the sugar balls that appeared with iced American coffee are missing! According to a notice posted at a KFC store, fructose water has retired from the history of KFC, and since then the partner of iced coffee will be replaced with yellow sugar bags.

According to feedback on social platforms, this small change has been in place since late May. At that time, a customer noticed that the fructose water in the tray had been replaced by a yellow sugar bag by the shop assistant. It was thought that the clerk took it by mistake, but only after negotiation did he know that the brand would no longer purchase fructose water, so once all the sugar balls in the store were used up, the clerk could only give yellow sugar bags to meet the needs of customers.

As the storage of fructose reservoirs in various stores decreases, more and more stores are receiving customer feedback or complaints about "not providing sugar balls", especially those who have ordered iced coffee. They say that the yellow sugar bags provided by the stores are granular and difficult to melt when added to ice drinks. Stirring for most of the day, you can still see that the sugar has sunk to the bottom, and the bitterness of the coffee has not diminished.

"how can this melt?"Yellow sugar can't melt iced coffee at all. It's too bitter. It's just as hard to mix." "iced coffee with brown sugar bag is really a mouthful of sugar dregs", "take a sip of iced American coffee and chew on well-grained sugar."

In the face of the demands of consumers, KFC shop assistants are very helpless. Since switching to sugar bags, the number of complaints received by stores has increased a lot. Even if the shop assistant takes the trouble to explain or post conspicuous prompts to the customers many times, they will still receive bad reviews such as "the shop assistant does not give sugar balls" from time to time.

So in order to reduce complaints, some shop assistants will add fructose syrup used at the bar to satisfy customers when they encounter customer feedback. Some stores make their own sugar balls, that is, sugar and pure water are proportionally melted into syrup, which is then divided into a small portion to be provided to customers who need to add sugar.

However, these two emergency methods are not appropriate for some employees. The practice of replacing yellow granulated sugar with fructose syrup in the bar is convenient and quick for some customers, but it does not meet the store's operating standards. strictly speaking, adding syrup to iced American coffee can be regarded as an illegal operation of the clerk.

While homemade sugar balls are not against the rules, some employees say that not every store will take the time and energy to make them, and if some stores replace sugar bags with homemade sugar balls, it may embarrass those stores that cannot be made. Other customers will have some doubts about the safety of store-made sugar balls, thinking that there may be food safety risks in the production of these self-made syrup.

I don't know if there are too many complaints about sugar balls, and some consumers have found that a few stores have recently re-matched ice American coffee with sugar balls. However, it is not clear whether the fructose water is purchased by the store or whether the brand intends to fully restore the supply.

However, for those customers who get sugar balls again, as long as they can add sweet fructose water to iced American coffee and no longer drink sugar dregs, it will be lucky today.

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